Certified translation is a kind of translation that fulfils all the needs in a country, which makes it able to use in formal procedures. Translator accepts the whole responsibility regarding its accuracy. Based on the country, these requirements can vary. In the UK, there are not very strict laws, but still, a statement attested by a translator or translating agency regarding accuracy of the document is attached. These are signed and stamped and must be proofread to ensure added guarantee.  If a translator is not qualified enough, you are at risk. Don’t worry if you are from the UK you don’t have to worry about anything Kings of Translation UK are here to provide you with bets certified translation services.

How to know if you have hired a certified translator or not?

Inaccurate translations can result in mishandling legal issues or can prove worst in case of patients. In the medical field, incorrect translation can result in even fatality. The inaccurate translation may not cost life always but can result in losing customers, so should not be taken for granted. Here is how to know if you have hired a certified translator or not:

Experience matters a lot.

If the staff is bilingual, it does not mean they are professional too. So you must not rely on them for accurate translations. Instead, find a professional translator with years of experience working for a professional language services agency. Kings of Translation UK have professional translators with at least five years of experience. 

Inconsistency is unacceptable

When there are inconsistencies among documents, it means the translator did not do the right job. The shifting tone is a clear indication; for instance, the translation will have formal and informal tone within the same section. Kings of Translation UK will ensure that your document is translated in the right tone based on the document you provide. 

Understanding terminologies

Medical, technical and legal fields have some specific terminologies. A translator must have in-depth knowledge of the respective field so that they can effectively translate the provided document. If there are some standard terms used incorrectly, it is an indication that your translator is not certified professional. 

Online software

There are plenty of online software for translation. Some agencies claim that they have developed their own software for translation purpose and are very useful. Do not believe them. Online software are not reliable at all for certified translation. Different tools can help in proofreading and with some other tasks still are not totally reliable.

Quality assurance procedures

Is a poor quality certified translation of any use? Not at all, it is entirely useless. Every translator agency must have a transparent and effective quality assurance procedure. Before hiring a translator or translating agency, make sure to ask a question about it, if they do not reply properly, they are not certified. Kings of translation UK have the best quality multi-step procedure to ensure that you get the highly accurate document in the end.

Why choose Kings of translation UK?

The translation is only a task o professional; if the person is not qualified enough to translate, you will end up having a poor quality document with a lot of mistakes. Kings of Translation UK never compromise on quality. The best thing is we offer quality work under the supervision of highly professional staff at reasonable rates. Our professionals will make sure that you get what you want as our clients are our priority.

So, if you are from Manchester or from anywhere in the UK, make sure to consider our translation agency services. For further information, give us a call or visit our website. Link is mentioned below:


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