When you are going to travel, it is important that you choose the right travel insurance. You want to be covered if an accident occurs. But there is no need to be over insured and double covered. Many common accidents are already covered either by your regular content’s insurance or by credit cards etc. Here I will briefly outline which places you should be aware of.

With some companies, you can take out a so-called package solution that covers everything on the journey, but if you have some credit cards or contents insurance, many of these things are already covered. You can therefore save a lot of money by familiarizing yourself with what you are covered by in advance, and then only take out insurance policies that cover exactly fulfill your needs like the gambling 360 do. In most cases, you will not receive double compensation if you are double insured. But must choose one of your insurances to cover your loss.

When we talk about travel insurance, you can also take out insurance that covers all possible needs. Some of the needs may not be needs you have, just as some of the things you can insure yourself against are things where you dare to run the risk. You should therefore choose what you want to be insured against and where you don’t care about insurance. That is a question that only you can answer.

Health insurance is probably the most important of your insurances. You should always have health insurance if you travel outside. Your yellow health insurance card does not cover here. A health insurance covers doctor and hospital stay, but it should also cover transport home in case of serious illness. Transport home in an air ambulance can be an extremely expensive affair.

Your yellow health insurance card covers travel for up to 30 days, if the purpose of the trip is solely a holiday or study stay. If your trip lasts more than 30 days, or you work on your trip, then your blue health card covers you. You can order this from your municipality.

However, be aware that your health card / health insurance card does not cover transport home, which is why you should be insured against it in another way.

If your trip is outside the countries, neither the yellow nor the blue health insurance card covers you. Here you must ensure that you are insured in another way. Therefore, check whether your household insurance or accident insurance covers treatment and transport home. You can also have insurance through a credit card. However, these insurances through credit cards require you to read the conditions thoroughly, as there can be many convoluted requirements and conditions. E.g. You must often have paid for your journey with the card.

If you are going on a flight, the airline will step in and give you if you lose your luggage. This happens as part of the aviation act. If you are going to be away for more than 3 months, you should probably take out luggage insurance if your contents insurance does not still cover it. Check out some real money roulette game providers to make some extra income online.

Hope you are now better equipped to choose the right insurance or insurances for you, so that you can feel safe on the trip, while at the same time you have not spent a war on insurances.


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