If you are looking for cheap car insurance in the UK from between 1 to 28 days then you have come to right place! We help drivers of all ages get insured for short periods of time. Get started by filling in our online application and have your temporary car insurance policy within just a few minutes!

Car Insurance for The Short Term

When you need insurance for a short period of time it is now possible to purchase temporary car insurance for a period of between 1 and 28 days.


The levels of coverage that can be purchased are third-party, third-party theft and fire and comprehensive, you can check out some best usa online casinos here to make some money. Third party is the minimum required by law and comprehensive is the most expensive, it covers everything. Third party only pays for damage to another person’s personal property. Obtaining temporary insurance is very fast which makes it suitable for last minute purchasing. The insurance can take effect immediately with payment by credit or debit card and proof of insurance can be emailed.


Driving without insurance is against the law and can be very expensive if caught not to mention the six points on your license. The convenience and ease of obtaining this type insurance means no qualified driver should be without it. Temporary insurance is convenient when renting or borrowing another vehicle. For example, if you rent a vehicle for a holiday or barrow a neighbor’s car while yours is being serviced you will need coverage for the short period you use these other vehicles. Even if you use someone Else’s vehicle for a couple of hours you need your own insurance coverage. Short term insurance can be used to insure other people on your vehicle. For example, when quests visit and need to use your vehicle temporary insurance can be used to cover them.

Standard coverage’s

Insurers will either repair damage to a vehicle or pay the owner a cash amount if the vehicle is a total loss. The insurance will pay up to the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss but is limited to the insured amount, typically 40,000 to 50,000 pounds. Optional items may be covered, such as, sound systems and personal items if stated in the policy.

Insurance will cover the driver’s liability for death or injury of others due to his or her operation of the vehicle, or someone else driving of the vehicle as long as that driver has permission from the owner and passengers in the vehicle as long as they have permission of the owner to ride in the vehicle. The insurance may also provide coverage for driving in other EU countries, although there may be an additional charge for that coverage.

Standard exclusions

Exclusions include damages the insurer states are not included in the policy. These exclusions can be broad or specific in nature. Broad exclusions include things like wear and tear, damage to tyres, electrical problems, and breakdowns. An example of a specific exclusion is the confiscation of the vehicle by the government. The purpose or use of the vehicle must be stated when purchasing the insurance. This site kingjohnnie is for you if you love gaming. If the vehicle is used for a different purpose and there is an accident it will not be covered by the policy. For example, if the vehicle is for pleasure and it is used for business and an accident occurs the policy will not cover the accident. It is important to thoroughly review exclusions from an insurance policy; usually you can add coverage you need to a policy for a fee.

Qualifications of Drivers

Insurers try to protect themselves against claims by controlling risk. They control risk by having certain requirements for drivers. The requirements mainly concern age, driving history and other characteristics. Young drivers pose the greatest risk and some insurance companies will not issue short term policies to anyone under 25, some use 23 as the minimum age. The next biggest risk factor is driving history. Insurers can deny issuing a policy for having too many at fault claims or too many points on the driving record. Insurers may place other limits on policies, for example, where you live and the purpose of the vehicle. Most companies place the terms and conditions of their short-term policies online, so you can examine them and find what you need.


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