The cannabis community has been buzzing with talk about Lemon Diesel lately. With its high THC content, lemony scent, and heavy-hitting effects, it’s hard not to be intrigued by this strain.

But there’s one big downside: many people find the mere sight of this strain too intense for their liking. To help you better conquer your fear of lemons and diesel alike, we put together these three steps that can help you get over your worries about experiencing full-blown lemony diesel panic attacks.

Step 1: Memorize this mantra to help you stay calm: “It’s just a strain, not a demon from hell. It’s just a strain, not a demon from hell.”

Step 2: Stay in the moment and focus on the beautiful lemony diesel aromas emanating from this gorgeous flower instead of stressing about what it will make you feel like or how heavy it will hit. The smell of lemons and diesel is mesmerizing and it should be appreciated, not shunned.

Step 3: Guided imagery: take 3 deep breaths and imagine the lemon diesel as a friendly puppy, a bear hug, and a shower of lemons. Visualize yourself enjoying each experience and take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to enjoy this strain for what it is: just another strain that’s pretty to look at but leaves no lasting effects. 🙂

Let’s be real, cannabis strains are pretty aesthetically pleasing. They come in all shapes and sizes just like conventional flowers, with wide red varieties even being bred with other strains to counter prevalent smells or flavors.

The aroma of the cannabis flower is just as important as its THC content to determine its user experience. And let’s face it, lemons are lemonade under different noses.

A scent profile can really make a strain stand out among others, much like age gives an apple a distinctive taste and textural quality. Often times this difference is due entirely to the flavor of the terpenes within each strain variety.

There’s certainly a whole lot to be said about how fun cannabis is. Weed is so versatile it can even be used as a form of medicine! It can relieve nausea, induce relaxation, aid in insomnia, and deal with pain.

And if you follow the rules of cannabis consumption, the effects won’t linger for too long. The more often you smoke or consume weed, the less powerful it will become over time until it reaches zero tolerance. This makes some strains ideal for social occasions when you have to constantly stay alert on what you’re doing or say because your brain will provide no stimulus at all.

National Cannabis Industry Association

You can use cannabis to get rid of your fears. There are ways to get over your weed phobia, air pollution, and other fears. These methods include breathing, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, art therapy, sports therapy—any method that helps you keep you positive while also focusing on the beautiful inside of yourself helps relieve anxiety.

One way you can use cannabis is to treat chronic pain. For people who suffer from chronic pain—which is most of us—cannabis has been shown to help relieve symptoms of discomfort or even prevent chronic pain altogether. It’s also great for people who have anxiety disorders.


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