Corona Virus History

Corona Virus is a group of various viruses, which get infected as a parasite into the body of bats. According to scientists, prior to the expansion Corona Virus or COVID 19, sixteen years back SARS COVID 2 also started to spread throughout the world from the infections of bats. The epicentre of both of these viruses is the Wet Market of Wuhan. Wet Market of Wuhan is very famous for its instant chopping of mammals. After the huge effect of COVID 2, bats selling were not prohibited and continued to sell till December. Some experts also claimed that the pangolins also were the main cause of COVID 19. Due to the negligence, every section of the world is facing the crisis of the outbreak of COVID 19.

Corona Virus evolution

The first positive patient of COVID 19 was found in November 2019. Gradually this virus was infected to many people within a month. Initial stage of COVID 19 in China had casualties of more than 1 lacks. In December China asked the WHO(World Health Organisation) to declare this disease as an epidemic. But the decision was taking placed very late. WHO’s casual behaviour towards this issue made United Nation aggressive and forced the WHO to announce the issue as a Pandemic. In March WHO declared this disease as a Pandemic. March is turned as the profound turmoil for countries except China. Italy and Spain had a major loss of lives during this month. The Italian Government had surrendered itself in front of the extremeness of its implications. In Spain provision of treatment started to discriminate on the basis of age. Spanish Government and head doctors started to believe that those who are old age Corona infected people are not been required basic and special treatment for curing from Corona Virus. Several senior citizens died due to the inefficient and discriminated provision of proper treatment. Eventually, this disease spread to Asia, Africa and the Americas and had a major impact on the lives of these peoples.

Corona Virus is a complex virus but also a curable disease after treatment.

It is a lucid fact that COVID 19 is a complex virus and still scientists are facing difficulties to invent an antidote which prevent the spread of Corona Virus. At the meantime, Corona Virus is still roaming around the people. They still need to take precaution and safety measures to resists the effect of Corona Virus. There are certain basic precautions which every person need to take in order to protect themselves from Corona Virus effects.

It is completely fallible that Corona Virus disease is a non-curable disease and after entering to a human’s body, that human cannot have a one per cent chance of surviving. It is totally wrong! 

Corona Virus disease is curable and remediable. If there is a proper medication, under proper surveillance people do not have a single chance of losing lives.


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