Regardless of what industry you work in, if it includes an administrative component, you need a scanner. The copy machine is commonly called the heart of the office, but it would be more accurate to say that the scanner is its core. The scanner is responsible for intaking important documents, uploading them online, and facilitating digital sharing. A Fujitsu high speed scanner is the optimal choice for these tasks, but every industry has different needs — so how do you know which scanner to select? Find out what scanners are best for the unique demands of the legal industry and the security needs of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry requires a high level of security from all of its equipment due to the guidelines mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If a scanner is being used to process medical files with health-related information, it’s absolutely imperative that it adheres to all the rules associated with HIPAA. Luckily, a medical documents scanner that’s designed for use in the healthcare field can help ensure the security of patient information. Rely on the power of automatic image capture to more accurately manage patient data.

Another benefit that a scanner for the healthcare field can offer is the ability to seamlessly upload documents to patients’ electronic medical records. Electronic medical records are a safe and secure way to store patient data, and in most cases, they are protected by encryption. Storing medical files digitally also allows them to be easily shared between providers, allowing for greater continuity of care while preventing any unauthorized access. If your scanner can’t do all of this, it may be time to upgrade to a scanner that does. A medical record scanner can save your office time, money, and effort in the long run.

Legal Industry

Another industry that relies heavily on documents is the legal industry. Case files, court dockets, and an array of other documents are essential to the everyday administration of any legal entity. Whether you’re a lawyer, a legal assistant, or an office manager, you know how important it is to scan, file, and manage documents efficiently. You need a high speed, high volume scanner that will be up to the challenge. The right scanner should also be able to upload documents automatically and facilitate collaboration. The less work you have to do, the better — and a great scanner will automate the hard stuff.

Other industries, such as education, need high performing scanners, too. An education scanner may cater to the university setting or it might be tailored to meet the needs of a K-12 context. No matter what level you work at, though, you need equipment that will offer efficient scanning of a high volume intake. When you look at your options, it can be overwhelming, but the decision is simple — opt for a scanner that features automated image capture. This can massively reduce your workload and make it easier than ever to capture accurate data.


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