As a young professional, you are probably interested in investing in other businesses to diversify your sources of income. One of the recent forms of investment attracting many young investors is real estate. Here, you can invest in various ways, such as in commercial, residential, and raw land investments. 

It would help if you chose the most convenient investment to get the best returns. Recent evidence indicates that these individuals love buying real estate in downtown areas such as old town Scottsdale.

And there are numerous reasons why they tend to prefer these downtown areas. This article highlights some cities with vibrant downtown areas where young people can live or buy real estate.

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale is among the unique and vibrant downtowns in American Southwest. The walkability in the downtown is relatively minimal. It has only nine walkable districts endowed with outstanding restaurants, art galleries, and nightclubs. 

Several sites and activities in Old Town Scottsdale may attract you to venture into real estate in this downtown, including golf courses. Many golfers travel to this city to enjoy the fantastic golfing courses, especially in winter. The lessons are suitable for all skill levels and budget-friendly. 

If you are a food lover, the food from the restaurants here such as the famous FnB Restaurant is to die for. Their chicken, fish, and steak will provide an excellent treat to your taste buds. You will definitely enjoy a good dining experience with your favorite person. 

In addition, there is the Old Adobe Mission, a mission catholic church that attracts people who need ample quiet space for reflection and prayer. Scottsdale condos for sale with two bedrooms range from $155 000 to $400 000 in this downtown area. 

The price is, however, determined by the size of the condos in terms of square feet. Several notable companies are located within a two-mile radius of this downtown. They include Scottsdale, Arizona, and Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

Nashville City

Nashville is the capital city of the state of Tennessee in the U.S. As a young person, you should look forward to acquiring real estate in this city. Regarding walkability, Nashville is pleasant, attractive, and easy to walk around. It has unique features supporting walkability, such as adequately maintained footpaths and sidewalks, easily accessible buildings, and safety features.

Additionally, this city has some incredible attractions, eye-catching to young professionals. Studies have it that Nashville is the home of fantastic country music. Consequently, people come from all over the world to have a good time here. 

Making it a perfect location for real estate investing. Not forgetting the Tennessee state museum, where you can learn about Tennessee’s natural and social history. 

The museum has various artifacts and paintings explaining Tennessee’s role during the civil wars and the weapons and furniture used during the period wars. Majorly people are attracted to the architectural designs in Nashville. The city has good taste in architectural designs. 

For instance, the Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, among others, have attractive plans and designs. The good news is, prices of condos in Nashville are pretty affordable. 

For instance, a two-bedroom private residence within a large building would cost an average of $1,181. Notable companies within a two-mile radius of the downtown are Dell technologies and Amazon. 

Austin City

Austin City is the capital city of Texas State in the U.S. General walkability in Austin is not appealing. Studies show that it is bicycle-friendly and, therefore, most suitable for cyclists. However, the downtown neighborhood is more walkable. You can access most of the social amenities on foot. 

The city has many captivating attraction sites and is a source of fun for everyone. For example, it has a sixth street, which is iconic for Austin’s nightlife. It has many bars, restaurants, and music avenues, mostly packed from Thursday to Saturday, where you can have a safe night out with your friends.

There is plenty of cheap drinks, outstanding live music performance, and dance. Additionally, you can visit South Congress Avenue if you are interested in dining, shopping, and entertainment. The place is lined with restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops for unique fashion wear. 

Austin’s Texas State Capitol Building is another attractive location. Here, people get to learn the history of Texas and see the artifacts and portraits of the local political leaders. And we can’t forget to mention the unique architectural design.

Two-bedroom condos may cost $ 1,045 to $ 13, 450 which is quite affordable. There are also recognizable companies that are located close to Austin city including Astrotech Corporation for air travel and Luminex Corporation for biotechnology.

Raleigh City

It is the capital city of North Carolina. Studies show that it is the 46th most walkable city in the United States. Its safe pedestrian infrastructure, such as complete streets and safe paths, makes it a walkable neighborhood. Raleigh city has an attractive kids’ museum known as Marbles kid’s museum where you can take your young ones to discover and learn with interactive exhibits. 

They offer budget-friendly educational programs for families, community organizations, and school groups. Moreover, people are also attracted to Raleigh city due to its incredible educational facilities, such as the North Carolina State University.

The price of a two-bedroom condo here may range from $1546 to $ 4000. The companies near Raleigh city include Total Quality Logistics Company and the Select Group.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe city is located in New Mexico. It is a very walkable city, especially in the downtown area. The Canyon Road, for incredible artists’ studios majoring in traditional and native crafts is one of the major attractions here. Not forgetting the Plaza, a market square where special events and cultural celebrations are held.

A two-bedroom apartment in this incredible city has an average price range of $1489. Some great companies you will find here include the Santa Fe Opera and Santa Fe Motel & Inn.


It is located in the Southeastern part of Florida. Studies show that Miami is the 6th walkable state in the United States, with nine most walkable neighborhoods. Miami is attractive because of its warm weather, especially during winter when the other states are unbearably cold. 

Moreover, you may be attracted to Miami because its pristine beaches have clean and clear waters for fun beach activities. The price range of a two-bedroom apartment in Miami is an average of $2763 per month. World Fuel Service (Miami) is a fuel-providing company close to Miami.


As a Young professional you should be looking to buy properties in downtown areas with high populations. Additionally, it would help if the place has major attractions that interest people from other parts of the world. Accordingly, the people living here as well as the visitors can become your commercial and residential real estate customers.


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