Are you trying to break into the digital realm? Do you want to use the internet to reach more people? Are you unfamiliar with strategic digital marketing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone. The world that we live in is increasingly digital leading people of all industries to a need to digitize their businesses. With the advents of social media and smart phones, some people would call email a relic from the past.

The reality is they’re wrong. When combined with a strong content marketing approach email marketing is stronger than ever before and it is all because of social media. How, you might ask? It’s simple; with e-mail, you gain a more direct and personal line of communication with your consumer. When you use email marketing you are creating a direct link to visit casino here your consumer that enhances your relationship and helps to create customer loyalty.

Why You Should Take the Leap

Strategic digital marketing is a challenge for the most experienced individual. That said, we’ll all agree that it is a necessary part of any industry in today’s digitized world, but you’re still not sure how you can benefit from entering the digital world. If you’re second-guessing how email marketing will help you build your business it’s not really surprising. Many of us delete emails from companies before reading them. So that leaves you wondering: is my email marketing strategy really going to impact consumer behavior?

The answer is, yes. While we delete emails without reading them, plenty of emails still have a marginal or profound impact on our consciousness and/or behavior. When we open that email that says we can get a discount on those shoes we want, but we have to shop today, we are much more likely to go out and buy those shoes. Why? Because the message was time limited and the shop was elevated in our consciousness.

If you still don’t believe think about this. Your competitor has sent an email informing you of a promotion they are running. Thousands of customers have seen details of their products and services, so they are fresh in their minds. The customers get no contact from you. Who do you think those customers are going to think of when they next have a requirement for said product or service?

Making it Fresh

You may have sent emails to customers; you may have an email list and it may not seem to be helping. When utilizing email as part of your strategic digital marketing plan it is important that you always keep it fresh. That means keeping up to date on the current digital marketing practices. One of the best ways to do this is to utilize digital marketing analytics. What’s that you might say? Analytics are awesome graphics that help to get your point across in a fun and interesting way.

So we’ve got the great graphics, now what. Well, we need to decide what type of email you’re going to send. Will you use transactional emails triggered by the customer’s purchase? Or should you use a direct email that shares a promotion? Should all emails be opt-in where the consumer has to sign up for emails and give their permission for you to contact them? Or are you in business-to-business and using emails as a lead-generation tool for new customers? All these questions have answers, but they take time to consider, and you need to know about the SPAM laws and best practices too.

What’s the Value of your Time?

You’ve decided to take the plunge into email marketing. You’ve created a company email (if you didn’t already have one). You know what you want to say, but you’re a list of contacts is short. You’ve set up an email registration procedure through the checkout line at your store but you’re still not reaching enough people. What do you do? You’ve run into a common problem.

As individuals we only know so many people, and once we’ve reached the outer realms of our social circles we have to put a great deal of time and effort into expanding them. When running a business time is valuable. Fortunately, you won’t have to do the leg work by yourself, you can make some money playing at best au online casino. There are plenty of services out there that know the digital marketing ropes and pride themselves on their knowledge of practices.

By outsourcing your email marketing efforts to a company like Digital Marketing Keys, you can invest your time in what you do best, learn more about digital marketing best practices, and really build your email contact list. While this strategy will probably not explode your company sales figures overnight, coupled with your business plan, digital marketing will be a catalyst for long-term organic growth. Contact a professional team today and begin your journey into the digital wilderness.


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