Trying out the best and implementing them to the fullest is truly a surely shot of success. But the dilemma arises if your firm has already laid hands in the new emerging trends? SEO services are one of those essential elements which require polishing throughout its lifetime. You always need to be up to the mark and flowing with the trend in this field. Do your firm’s SEO services stand out from the others? Let’s check it out.

Are You Hungry? Then Let’s Follow The EAT SEO Trend

Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness Search Engine Optimization, yes, I know it’s a long string of many long words. Don’t worry this comes in short as EAT SEO. This trend lays out a set of standards which can be followed by every website to ensure that your SEO services are doing much better than the others. Now, let’s see each component of the trend. Expertise, as the name indicates, content should be written by experts. Anyone can add a simple content but the one that is engaging for an audience is what matters when it comes to SEO services and this kind of content can be handled easily by SME’s, that is, Subject Matter Experts. Now let’s hop off to the next letter A which stands for Authoritativeness. A website should always be able to rule over the content or to claim the authority over the content in their web pages. 

For example, if you are writing the content for a SEO agency in Abu Dhabi, you must make sure you are connected to the firm in one way or the other. This is usually done because contents often manipulate the actions of the readers, it can even affect your customers’ life, health, profit levels and more. So, make sure you authorize over the content of your website. Now moving to the last word, Trustworthiness. Always be sure that your content reaches the professional standards and meets professional ethics. 

Increase Your Page Speed Like A Racing Car

People don’t have the whole world’s time to wait for your page to load. A loading or buffering page just plays with the patience levels of your audience. Adding to that, bounce rates are often higher for these websites. TTFB (Time-To-First-Byte) is a term you need to keep in mind when you encounter this problem. TTFB actually refers to the time taken for the very first page of a website to load. Another tip is to add compressed images of smaller sizes to make sure your site loads at a fast pace.

Link Them All

Internal linking is another rising trend. This increases your website’s understanding by Google. For example, if you’re considering any firm among the SEO Companies in Abu Dhabi, and its home page and another external page are not linked, it will be a difficult task for Google to find it. So, always link your web pages so that Google can know your site much more.

Allow Spiders To Easily Crawl Through Your Website

Crawling of your website is inevitable when it comes to discovering a site on a search engine. If spiders cannot crawl through your website, it won’t be seen on a search engine. Moreover, crawl budget, which specifies the average number of URL’s, must be optimized to only allow crawling in the desired pages. Adding Robots.txt is the best way to ensure this. Redirecting chains must be avoided for the success of your firm.

Speak Up What You Want To Search

Nowadays, smartphones’ use has increased rapidly. People tend to use smartphones even for official purposes too. With this fashion coming into existence, voice searches have also gained popularity. As we all know inventions are made when there is excess of laziness. Most of the technology existing in our world today are creations for lowering our laziness levels. Home devices like Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV and more also use voice commands. So, to keep up with the new style, we must include schemas. These should be incorporated in websites to keep a record of all the voice searches made by the people. This aids in adding the right keywords to rank your site higher. Furthermore, websites must include such content which can be traced by voice assistants at ease. 

Time For Wrapping Up 

As you saw, there are plenty of ways to optimize your site. But just like every other trend, things come and go. No style stays forever. There is always room for improvement. So keep your spirits high and upgrade your SEO services to a brand new level.


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