As significant as the saying “build it, and they shall come” resonates, relying on online customers to show up and make purchases is not a massive way to grow business. Even one of the best products and web design, your e-commerce store might struggle if you are not promoting it actively. Therefore, effective sales promotions can help you in attracting customers and ensure they actually get all the way through check out.

Due to the increased online competition, it is important than ever to make your brand and store stand out. Also, compelling promotions are among the best ways to help your potential online customers convert to buyers.

Below are five of our favorite sales promotions methods to boost your online sales. So, grow your email list and ensure your business lasts.

Product Discount

Among the most efficient ways of online sales promotions, almost every e-commerce site has offered some kind of product discount. Also, some manufacturers offer discounts constantly. One of the primary reasons why product discount promos are super effective is because they grab customers’ attention, and everyone loves attractive deals.

Usually, there are two kinds of product discounts any store owner can offer: dollar amount or percentage. Both kinds are effective, but they always need to think about how the customer will perceive each offer. For instance, a 10% off may not feel compelling compared to a $10 off coupon; however, a 50% discount code will always perform better (and a $50 off coupon might not make sense). 

Free Offers

Very Few words are powerful, and “free” is one of them. When we talk about shopping, any kind of free promotion (almost) always performs well. A majority of stores related to down light manufacturer use two types of free offers: free returns and free shipping. Depending upon what kinds of lights or any other product you sell, one or the other may increase your business’s bottom line.


For online customers, free shipping or delivery relieves the stress of making a decision if a purchase is really worth the risk. In the case of free product returns, it aids you in making your customers relax that they won’t run out money if the purchase is against their expectations.

Free offers are a powerful motivator for online consumers, and many online stores find different ways to incorporate the shipping and returns cost into the product cost, allowing them to offer “free shipping/returns” without giving up on profit.

Flash or Limited Time Sales 

Scarcity is a huge motivating factor because consumers feel that they need to make a quick decision else they will miss out completely. (Flash sales is an online FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out). To leverage this tactic of scarcity, several successful online stores use limited-time sales as a genuine way to boost sales and get customers through their virtual doors. 

Flash deals are highly effective regarding clearing out old stock. If you maintain a customer list or have a sizeable following on social media, making these sorts of sales exclusive for the initial 24 hours helps to generate more loyalty for your brand. 

Bear in mind that the several purchases happen within the first sixty minutes of flash sales. So, letting your loyal customers have firsthand on products is a massive way to thank them for their loyalty. 

Buy This, Save This

The popular BOGO sales still exist, although some businesses, especially down light manufacturer, are finding other ways to update this tried & tested promotion. The psyche behind buy-one-get-one sales is robust as it offers customers a target to hit to get rewarded. 

Depending on the nature of products, other kinds of buy ‘X’ get ‘X’ promotions may make sense than the conventional BOGO. Several stores find their sweet spot by seeing at their average order price and then giving incentives to customers to buy more a little bit.

For instance, if the average order is $42, offering a promotion for “buy $50 and save an extra $20” could increase sales drastically. Like all promos, knowing your stats before a sale goes live is an effective way to ensure you never lose money with sales. 


Product giveaways are also an effective way similar to “free” psychology with online customers. The benefit of this sales promotion is that it gives you control of which free item you give away, letting your buyers try a new product or sample something different. 

Sometimes, item giveaways shouldn’t be items that you sell in your store by any imagination stretch. Counting free branded endowments, similar to guard stickers or handbags, with specific buys is an incredible method to build dedication and over-deliver for your clients. Likewise, these marked items are a major way that you can separate your business from the competitors, particularly if they are exceptional or high-caliber.

Wrap Up

Remember, maintaining a successful online store is about trial and error. Don’t be reluctant to try different strategies. Be sure to give promotion enough time to create data so that you can be assured of what works and what doesn’t.


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