Accountants in London or New York, or any other city, are known to offer services in the form of tax preparations and bookkeeping. Dealing with compliance is the main factor for why an accountant is sought, but an accountant can add value to a business by offering far more than just the regular service. Through their expertise in dealing with historical numbers and understanding financial statements, accountants can analyse the numbers to predict and forecast future financial figures which allows a company to make executive business decisions to further benefit them.

Business Structure

By evaluating a business’ financial position and their current tax liabilities, an accountant can advise a business on how to set up in the form of a Sole trader, Partnership, or a Limited Company. This will lead to opportunities for government subsidies and capital allowances which will benefit a business in the form of tax savings.

Clearness over business performance:

A success path for the growth of a business depends upon a regular monitoring of business performance regarding generation of profit and processes in the company. Accountants can help to calculate progress in business and can also decipher the various trends in business that are important from improving business revenues and reducing business costs at an early stage. This may benefit the business by eliminating threats which may be responsible for disrupting the business growth.

Since accountants calculate and monitor the financial reports, they will know the specific factors which helped grow the business and through the use of that data, they are able to advise a business on the types of strategies to opt for in order to get the most beneficial results for the company.

They can help a business generate better revenue by estimating a pricing amount for their products which is most likely to increase the profit. Additionally, they can enlighten a business of the possible outcomes of different strategies available and help advise on the best opportunity with the most benefits delivered to the business.

Increased Business Efficiency

As specialists in financial reporting and control, an accountant prepares managerial reports that provide businesses with a clear picture of the factors that drive business operations using both financial and non-financial ratios. The reports provide a business with the actual cost of the firm’s day-to-day operations. As a result, the business would be better equipped to allocate and budget resources to maximise profit and reduce costs.

Saving Time

As a business owner, it is difficult to manage a business solely. As the business expands it becomes more difficult to manage and control all functions and departments, especially the finance side.

A finance department is an integral area of a business that needs constant attention. It is the fundamental core through which the analysis of data can lead to new business opportunities and have the necessary factors to accomplish them.

Therefore, an accountant has the professional capabilities to control the financial aspect of a business, and they will handle anything in relation to this reducing the burden on management to focus their time elsewhere.


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