The newest and hottest trend in 1Bet is to use a table format instead of betting on individual shoulders. Table wagers are the new table stakes, you should give it a try!

It’s simple, bring your favorite set of playing cards or shuffle them and place them in a single pile near the game. You then bet by picking up an entire row or column and saying “I want this card”. If another player also picks up that card, you win! If not, no one wins but everyone still has fun playing with their cards all around the table.

You can already play this in China, Korea, Hong Kong and Macau, now it’s time to bring this new game to the rest of the world! We are currently working on an English tutorial for all of our customers so that more players can experience what 1Bet was bringing to the table before it became officially legal.

One of the best things about this betting format is that it’s easy to learn although it is a little more difficult than the status quo to actually win. This makes it a great way to try betting whether you are new or have bet before. You can also design your own set of cards with different numbers and letters on each card to make a new type of game!

If you are an avid 1Bet player, we think you’ll love this new experience. If you haven’t tried 1Bet before, this is your chance. Please leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter or WeChat about how this new table format has changed your life for the better.


The 1Bet Team

Table Wager Example:

Here is an example of what it looks like when you are betting on a table wager. You can see that the player is holding up a row and betting on the value of it. The player has bet 3B coins and wants each player to call if they agree with that bet. Since there are 4 people playing in this hand, each person will receive 3B coins if the player wins.

In this example, the player decided to bet on the row next to theirs.

Tallying The Bet:

After all of the players have put their cards face down in front of them and placed a bet that everyone agrees with, it’s time to find out who wins. The dealer will then flip over each card one by one until someone wins or all of the cards have been flipped over. Whoever has the highest card value wins and earns their wager amount from everyone else at the table.

How To Play Table Wagers:

These betting instructions are presented in a table format to make it easier to follow the game. Whether you want to bet on a series of rows or columns, it is the same for this.

You will need one table wager set of cards, which if you can find them with the letters on the face instead of just numbers and/or images, that would be ideal. The 1Bet team only recommends using playing cards because they all have letter combinations that represent value. You can use any type of card showing a card image, but you’ll need a set of at least 8 cards with your desired combination on each card.


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