Erectile dysfunction is at present a name of panic for all, especially among the men of the US. Nearly 4 out of 10 men there are facing the issue and that is causing a huge headache for all. However, for the spread of the ailment in such rapid volume, there has been made several proper scrutiny and research on the same to sort out the actual reason for the same. And while that has been made out, the outcomes also came out. In most of the cases, Cenforce 200 serves to be very much effective as a solution. However, there are alternatives to this generic drug too in the form of Vidalista 60

   Areas of anomalies in ED 

Before going to the most critical part of ED, there is a need to note all the areas that are affected by the ailment. 

The issue at your veins 

The first anomaly is noted obviously at the penis of yours. Your penis won’t get erected. The reason for an erection is the accumulation of excess blood at the penile duct and when that is not happening, you will not get the erection that is desired. One of the reasons for the same is the problem of the pelvic bones. That has to be cured using some physiotherapy. Other than that there can be issues at the penile veins that carry the blood to the duct. They can be blocked for the fats in them, glucose accumulated within and even for the nicotine or sulfate layer within. The reason for the fat and glucose is your foodstuff, whereas the reason for sulfate is alcohol, and the reason for nicotine is your smoking. Cenforce 200 can help you a lot here, but at the same time, you need to check your food and your habits of consuming alcohol and cigarettes. 

The issue at your heart 

The second reason for the ED is your heart. If your heart is not in proper shape, then it will not be sending the excess blood to the duct through the veins and you will not have any erection or an erection that is not satisfactory for you. In this case, the treatment becomes very much complex as the Vidalista 60or other drugs cannot be prescribed to you here. Cenforce 200 and all the drugs of the same category put huge pressure on your heart and if your heart condition is not so good then the result can be a cardiac arrest too. Hence doctors have to check the issue here. However, this issue is more often found in the people of age 50+ and the chance of the same is only 1 out of 10 ED patients. 

The issue at your brain 

The final area of ED is the most critical aspect. This is at your brain. Your mind narrates several things to it throughout the day, but very few of them are decoded by the brain itself. The reason for the same is the speed of the brain won’t match with that of the mind and there is yet another reason, where the anomaly exists. The brain of yours remains busy in some or other activities and as a result of the same, it won’t get attached to the sexual urge that is developed. The final and eventual result is a non-erection in you, where the process of erection won’t start at all. This happens with near to 4 out of 10 ED patients and this is a cause of immense pressure for the doctors and researchers too. 

Dealing with the most critical form of ED

So, the most critical aspect of ED is now known to you. The reason for such anomaly is however very much vast. 

  • First of all, your mind speaks so many words a day and the speed of its thought is so fast that often the brain cannot receive all its words. The reason for that is the pace of your brain. It is much slower when compared that with the mind. However, the sexual urge is not such a regular word that is spoken by the mind. Hence the stimulus here is very much strong and for a healthy person, it never happens that the mind transmits about the sexual urge and the brain won’t react to the same. 
  • However, in the cases of patients of ED of such critical type, they remain in such pressure, either for their office works or for some other thoughts, that the brain chooses the thought of the person more significant than that of the sexual urge and as a result, the sensual urge is neglected. The result – you are aware of it, but the effect of the result is a pity on your life. 

Coming to the effect that the Vidalista 40 can do here, the drugs are meant to work on your nervous system to continue sending the stimulus to the heart and the effect of the same is on the heart to continue pumping more blood to the duct. Hence, Cenforce 200 will not do any difference in you here. 


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