Plenty of Halloween inspo is right in front of you if you care to look at it. It does not take a keen eye to realize that binge-watching can also work as your Halloween costume theme. You might want to do a wardrobe upgrade with costume shopping as well (it’s okay, everyone dreams of the same thing). But is it possible to do it while taking things next level? 

Browse your social media, and you will know that Celebrity Halloween Costumes that can work in your regular wear are more common than those superhero costumes. Sharon Tate from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looked phenomenal in a monotone outfit. Get a turtleneck, and a white miniskirt with matching boots, and you will be ready to portray this femme diva! 

Some haunting tales have left a great imprint on all our hearts. They offer mind-blowing inspiration, such as The Handmaid’s Tale. Whether you want a group themed after a show or want to do a solo, this show is brilliant for attracting crowds. Based on the famous novel of the same name, these series show a dystopian world where things happen that no sane person can imagine. 

Offred’s red cloak and half-moon cap is a unique ensemble. The best part is, it’s unisex. Even though females wore this uniform in the show, it says nowhere that men cannot opt for this cosplay. It is also a spot-on choice for those looking to spend a minimum amount on Halloween accessories. 

There are some classic femme fatale you can never get enough of. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and Sandy Olsen from Grease are the favorites. Their sass and charm are incomparable. Both these women have stunned the audiences multiple times and in various performances, but these two stood out best in these characters. 

The iconic and mesmerizing look of Carrie Bradshaw from the opening scene of SATC will always be a sensational fashion statement. Easy on the pockets, you only need a tulle ballerina skirt available widely. Some mesmerizing heels and a plain bodysuit would easily make you the star of the night. For Grease’s Sandy, faux leather leggings and an off-shoulder top will do the job. 

Many women prefer comfortable costumes because there is always a lot to do on All Hallows’ Eve. From even before the mean girls, there was the original mean group, aka Heathers. All you need is a double-breasted blazer to rock the classic chic look with a mean scowl on your face. There is no set of rules dictating what to wear and what not, therefore, go all out when selecting a costume for the most exciting night of the year. 

What about fairy tale retellings? Aurora and Maleficent’s pairing is a hit with mother and daughter duos. But even if you show up a solo as the most evil yet a kind-hearted fairy, Maleficent, no one will be able to resist the undying charm of your black cape. Hidden perks of this cape include re-wearing it in the fall because capes are always a huge trend in the winter seasons. 

Scoring items for fall’s trends simultaneously is a jackpot! Some people do need a refreshing costume other than the mundane ones. There is good news because, finally, Marvel listened to its female fan-base and recently released a female-led superhero film. Captain Marvel’s costume is a jaw-dropping attire with a blend of blue, red, and golden shades. 

The eye-catching palette is enough to keep you out of the mainstream crowds. The cat suit type costume needs a pair of red boots and red gloves to give the most authentic touch. It may be a high maintenance choice, but no one makes a huge statement like a female superhero. Other than these high-effort choices, there are some new characters as well! 

From the new bunch, Yellowstone’s characters are winning with their top-notch styles. The Western surroundings and a strong plot has provided a stellar source of Halloween costumes. Especially the Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Hooded Coat Kelly Reilly showcased! It is a chic piece with minimal details on the exterior but gives an elite kimonos style look. 

The hooded style is a plus point since it is ideal winter apparel as well. You won’t have to pass it on to your friends because you have already curated Beth Dutton’s character. It works as a mesmerizing fashion ensemble you can pair with a bunch of options! 


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