Free zones are some specific places where products, organizations, and items might be traded without the strict Government rules. Free Zones in the UAE were proposed as international business centre points for organizations leading businesses outside the UAE since they are not authorized to work inside. A huge segment of the free zone organizations was locked in with import and re-exchange, presently most organizations lead business inside the UAE and GCC through close by wholesalers.

About Ajman Free Zone

Any business person looking to Setup new business in UAE needs to provide themselves with a good practical knowledge of the nation’s free zones. Each UAE free zone offers its distinct advantages to the entrepreneurs and business owners who set up there. Ajman is the best example

Ajman Free Zone is one of the earliest and most popular free zones within the UAE. This location is in the emirate of Ajman and 45 min drive from Dubai. This zone is placed next to a seaport and embraces any markets: rising from freelancers, finishing with light production, and trading companies. As opposed to Business setup in Dubai, Ajman Free Zone company setup is attractive to those who start a new business from scratch due to its competitive fees for young entrepreneurs and various payment installment plans.

Advantages Of Ajman

  1. Conductive enterprise environments
  2. Complete freedom from all import and export duties
  3. Aggressive handling charges
  4. Lower costs of office and land rents
  5. Central area with easy access to Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah
  6. Low-cost living
  7. Advanced infrastructure
  8. Easy availability of raw material

All about Permit Licensing in Ajman Freezone

The following are the type of Permits available in the Ajman Free Zone. 


Investors who are planning to carry out trading activities are eligible to appeal for a Trade license.

Trade License Package starting from – AED 16,500(USD 4,492.30)


To set up an industrial unit in the Freezone area, the investors can apply for an industrial permit.

this License Package Starting from – AED 9000 + Warehouse Fees according to the Volume.


To give services in the field of administration, accounting, consulting, information technology, eCommerce, marketing, etc., you can apply for a service permit. 


Freelancers across 45 business levels can apply for the Freelance License to hit start the start-up life.

Freelance Package starting from  very low prize


An excellent opportunity for under-graduates, post-graduates, young businesspeople, and startup businesses to start a business easily. package from 5,500

Growth Of  Ajman

Ajman today has about 250 manufacturing firms which represent 25 percent of the total number of industrial units in UAE and rank 3rd amongst all the Emirates. Items from Ajman are being exported to over sixty-five nations. Those firms are classified as follows:

  1. Stocks of nonmetal
  2. Primary metal businesses.
  3. Cloth industries like garments
  4. Industries like book and publishing
  5. Machinery like metals and products industries.
  6. Wood industries.
  7. Industries of chemicals and plastics.
  8. Food industries.
  9. other industries

Business counsellors provide management consulting to help Business setup in Ajman free zone to enhance their production and performance rate.  These experts analyze businesses and generate solutions while also helping businesses meet their goals. Business owners should consider hiring business agents when they want help or perspective on their chosen way or a catalyst for development in their organizations. Finding the top business agents may be the common hard part for the owner or administration. The authority should have a passion for their job, a drive for perfection, and an eye for business and detail.


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