IOS- iPhone OS (iPhone operating system) manufactured by It supports Objective-C, C, C++, Swift programming language. It is based on the Macintosh OS X. IOS runs only on iPhone devices like iPods, iPads, Apple TV.

 It has 2 million applications in the Apple store app. When we talk about the apps, the downloading statics of the apps is 130billion, worldly. It means apps are downloaded 130 billion. It works smartly and no chances of hang up.

Thus, every year Apple Company brought numerous carves in their iPhone designs and applications. In 2007, Steve Jobs first introduced IOS in Phone, pinch, etc. 

IOS apps is a rising market, where you can acquire new customers and noticeably increase your sales indicator. It’s easy to maintain an app when users keep IOS.

Mostly, IOS users are well-satisfied users rather than another OS. Apple’s user-friendly interface makes the software ideal for promoting your business and your social activities. Even developers prefer IOS applications. Shoppers and families are more likely to have an os.

Further, IOS is a synonym to the multi-touch interface, which is very convenient for an Apple device user. There exist several gestures for operating the device. Furthermore, IOS Applications are mostly built using components of UIKit. 

As a result, it allows applications to have a consistent look and feel with the OS, nevertheless offering customization. 

Its app store gets almost 1000 new application submissions each day, that is the reason the apple app store is the richest in the world. 

The App Store revenue recorded in Q2 2019 is around $$25.5B, which is nearly 80 percent more than what Google Play Store earned. Lastly, iPhone apps support 40 different languages.

Moreover, Apple itself designed hardware and software on this device. They have command on it. That’s why everyone loves to have an iPhone in their hands.

How does it work?

Its working is different from other mobile operating devices. Therefore, all the applications are enclosed in their protective shells and they do not harm other applications. One fail app does not affect the other app. It is the only operating system in the world, that is not restricted by any zonal or language barrier, this is one of the most important features of IOS. 

The major benefit of it, it is multitasking. We can split-screen into two halves. We see a lot of new features in IOS versions with every update. Apple releases its new version every year. 

Users see a lot of new things in every new version. The operating system also releases the beta versions for their users. The running beta version is IOS14.0 beta 5. The releasing date of this beta version is August 18, 2020. The latest version, IOS 13.6.1 released on August 12, 2020.

Apple does not charge for updates to the operating system even most of the apps are paid free.

Best features of iPhone OS:

  1. Airdrop:

Airdrop allows you to share media between supported IOS and macOS devices. We can easily share pictures, videos, or any data from one mobile to another by using airdrop but both users have an apple mark. Wi-Fi isn’t necessary for it.

  1. Security and Privacy:

iPhone runs on the IOS operating system. iPhones are smooth. Very low chances of heating up and hang problems other than android mobiles. When we go out for mobile shopping our question is about the security of the mobiles/iPhones we are going to use.

 Apple uses a technique called sandboxing. This means, essentially, that every app runs in its own walled-off space (a “sandbox”) where it can do what it needs to, but can’t really interact with other apps or, beyond a certain threshold, with the operating system. This means that even if an app did have malicious code or a virus in it that attack couldn’t damage other apps.

  1. No bloatware:

Unwanted software or apps present on mobile is bloatware.

In the iPhone case, no bloatware happens (no extra useless software encounter by the manufacture.) other than Samsung android mobile.

  1. App market:

App Store and Google Play Store are in a very great war of investment and accessibility. Google Play Store is easily accessible to the users and we can download apps free most of the time but in the case of App store, most of the time apple users download paid apps. In the iPhone OS, approval process can be long rather than in the Android Google Play Store.

  1. Siri:

To conclude, Siri is a Google assistant for artificial intelligence. I think this is the best app in iPhones. Let a sneak-peek into it. Easy to use. We can only use our voice for the operating iPhones and for disable persons it is very best. Siri completes all the task what you assign with your voice.

Thus, the development and success of apple from the last 10 years are based on these notable features.


Over the years, Android and IOS applications have been competing so much for a higher market share. In other words, the war between IOS and other OS users is never-ending. Different people have different tastes and choices. 

But iPhones are the second selling mobiles in the world. Due to the IOS system make it very beneficial and easy to use. IOS has managed to leave a deeper impact on the digital world and most entities within.

Both platforms offer are good choices for different people. You have to decide what features are most important to you and then choose the phone that best meets your needs.

 In the end, don’t think what others say about it because the iPhone is the iPhone and it has its charm. Since IOS is designed to be simple and easy to use, it does not include several features found in a traditional operating system.

Lastly, with so many benefits of IOS applications over other OS, we can easily understand why IOS getting moreover other OS.


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