Car owners, who love their vehicles immensely, are aware of the mini heart attacks they get when their cars get scratched by other vehicles on the road. They are always anxious about the possibility of the car’s paints getting damaged by anything and everything.

Apart from this many car owners, who like to keep the appearance of the car changing, are also in a dilemma because getting the car painted again and again might prove too costly. Changing the external appearance of the car can make it look new and wonderful. However, getting it repainted too many times might burn hole in the pocket of the car owner, especially if the repaint is being done on an old car.

This is where car wraps and services come into the play. Most of the vehicles that we see on the roads come wrapped with attractive graphics or painted vinyl. Thanks to its affordability, car wraps and services are becoming quite popular among car owners. The variety of car wraps available in the market today is enormous and the technology used for applying them has also become quite advanced. Therefore, the final result is a gorgeous looking car wrapped within a budget.

What is Car Wrapping?

A car wrap is a vinyl decal that is applied directly over the car’s paint without spoiling the vehicle’s original paint. Cars wraps can be easily removed whenever desired. Car wraps can change the entire look of the vehicle in a jiffy and is an affordable alternative for a paint job.

Unlike car paints that usually last for about five years, car wraps are temporary and can be changed at any point in time. The wraps are custom made for a vehicle to match the design of the car or truck. The vinyl printed is laminated to protect the color or design from UV rays and other external damages.

Why Choose Car Wraps Over Car Paints?

There are many benefits to using car wraps and services. Apart from getting awesome car graphics to put on the vehicle’s body, there are numerous practical uses of the same.

Can be Removed Easily:

The car wrap can be easily removed at any point in time. The removal process does not damage the car’s original paint color. This flexibility allows you to change your car’s look from time to time. On the other hand, it is quite difficult and time-consuming to remove paintwork.

Create a Unique Looking Vehicle:
Most cars come in colors that might seem repetitive to many. There is always red, black, steel, blue, and white. It is a mix of these shades. The above-mentioned colors are classics but boring for some people, who want their cars to have a unique look and color. If you are looking for uncommon hues and graphics to be printed on your car, then car wrapping is the best option for you.

No Affect on Resale Value of the Car:

One might feel that such extreme modifications might affect the car’s value for resale. But this is just a myth. Car wraps and services do not have any influence on the value. As a matter of fact, it can even increase the price a little bit as the original color is kept intact under the wrapping job. However, in case of a paint job, the price will depend on well the paint has been maintained over the years.

Car Wrapping is Done on Windows As Well:

Not just the car body, but vinyl wraps can be applied on car windows as well. This comes as a package in complete makeovers. Car paint is not applied to car windows.

Easy Maintenance:

Car wraps are affordable and easy to maintain as it can ve reapplied more than once on the damaged car body part. Only the worker has to sort out the underlying paintwork first. Maintaining a car’s paint is much more difficult and depends on several external factors over which we have no control.

Less Time to Apply:

It takes comparatively lesser time to apply vinyl car wraps than to do a complete paint job on a car.

How to Choose the Right Car Wraps and Services?

Car wrapping, as easy as it may sound, it quite a difficult job to complete and require proper training. It is also imperative to choose the right car wrap and services to achieve a phenomenal job. Here are some of the tips that you can keep in mind before choosing car wraps and services.

Choose a Company That Has Been Around for Long:

As discussed earlier, applying car wraps is a difficult job. A start-up is still learning the ropes of the business and will only gain experience once it works on a couple of car wrap projects. So, it’s best to choose a car wrap service that has been in the market for quite some time. The quality of work from an experienced car wrap service provider is something that can be counted upon.

Check Where the Installation Will Take Place:

If you see that the installation will be done in a garage or a recently vacated building, then it would suffice to say that the company is unprofessional. A car wrap must always be done in a correct wrapping environment to make the job long-lasting and durable.

Check the Work Portfolio:

Before you zero in on a car wrapping check out the installer’s previous works. See if they work is clean and aesthetically beautiful. A list of previous clients and their recommendations works wonders in such situations.

In Conclusion:

Car wraps and services are something that should be chosen carefully and with time. If you are working in a limited budget and want to change the look of your car, the wraps are the best option for you.


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