One of the remarkable smartwatches is the Huawei gt2 pro. This watch is mechanized from titanium with the back of ceramics and the surface of glass sapphire. This is very expensive having a price of £299.99 (around $389, AU$530).

In the past, Huawei made certain wearables that were good-looking. In the watch GT line, Huawei just keeps adding meaningful but small-sized updates. This latest device is a refresh of premium design having the smoothest software experience in the series with wireless charging.

This GT2 Pro is not considered a perfect one and it is not considered smooth all the time. Although OS compatibility is ameliorated in it and huawei gt2 pro has accuracy in tracking and a comprehensive set of exercises in this. 


  • This watch serves a waterproof level of 5 ATMs.
  • The size of the GT2 Pro is 46.7 mm x 46.7 mm x 11.4 mm. 
  • The approximate weight of the watch is 52g.
  • The color of the watch case is night black or nebula gray. And the material of the watch case is aluminum with sapphire glass.
  • The memory contained in the watch is 4GB.
  • There is also a power button and also a function button.
  • Microphones and speakers are supported as well.
  • The RAM of the watch is 32MB with 4GB storage.  To date, it is one of the smoothest watches.

Design and display

One of the best round-looking smartwatches is the Huawei gt2 pro. It has classical and confident styling. The size of the watch’s screen is 1.39 inches which is not a small size. The screen of the GT2 Pro is OLED.

If anyone is looking for a digital masterpiece looking classical then the design of the Huawei gt2 pro gets enough marks for this attribute. And you will be comfortable when you have worn it 24/7 whether sleeping or working out.


With Apple Health and Google fit this watch is integrated. Support is obtained by a comprehensive workout. Monitoring of heart rate is ensured by this GT2 Pro. Watch GT2 Pro delivers all tools related to your usual clocks like alarm, stopwatch, and timer.


Some sensors in this watch are air pressure sensor, accelerometer sensor, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope sensor, and optical heart rate sensors.


  • For heavy uses, it has a battery life of a week.
  • To a third party, it can’t share data related to health.
  • It has a very thin body.
  • Accurate sleep tracking, as well as GPS options, are present.


  • There is no support for the microphone, WIFI, and no speaker as well.
  • There is a physical pin charger and no wireless charging in it.
  • Sometimes alarms are missed and the vibration motor is dimmed.

Final wording

Huawei GT2 Pro is a beautiful watch with diverse features and if you are looking for a big smartwatch that looks like a watch. It has a battery life of 10-14 days with light use and with moderate use, it has 5-7 days. And GT2 Pro is one of the performers for the best battery. You can charge it wirelessly and less than half-hour is required for it. But some apps like Spotify and Strava are not supported by this watch. The finest round watch is represented by the Huawei gt2 pro. 


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