Payments and transactions have been an integral part of the evolution of the human economy. There are different modes of transactions available nowadays, and technology has made transactions very easy.

While we have moved from fiat to digital currencies, recent developments have created a widespread interest around the world of cryptocurrency. With recent innovations in the forms of payments, one new and beneficial method that has emerged and taken space over the economy is Cashtocode.

In this article about Cashtocode casinos, we’ll be looking at the benefits of using Cashtocode.

Cashtocode: What It Is

Cashtocode makes it easier for you to make payments for goods and services purchased. You no longer have to open a bank account, carry debit or credit cards, or so on. Cashtocode deposits involve cash.

Owned by the UK-based company Funanga Limited, Cashtocode was created for the Austrian and German markets. Its quick adoption has made Cashtocode a popular choice in Greece, UK, and Italy. This popularity is undoubtedly due to the many great features of Cashtocode that have won over users all over the world.

How Cashtocode Payments Work

Make an online payment and go to your nearest Cashtocode merchant to make your cash deposits.

  • Visit the online store of your choice and select what you wish to purchase. Checkout and opt for payment methods.
  • Select Cashtocode as a payment method.
  • After the previous step, a QR code will be displayed.
  • Any Cashtocode merchant near you can make use of the QR code to generate the amount owed. You can pay them, and the cash deposit is made.

This simple process is how you make payments on Cashtocode. It is fairly easy to do and very convenient, which is why this is a popular choice for many.

Advantages of Cashtocode

In addition to safer, secure, and quicker payments, there are a lot of features that make Cashtocode a great option for you. Some of these reasons are:

Easy Payments

You do not have to add to the already expanding number of accounts that you have. Neither do you have to worry about a password. You are not required to register or open an account for Cashtocode payments, which means fewer restrictions for you. Pay easily with your QR code, your merchant, and cash!

Quick Payments

Once your QR code is generated, getting it scanned is not a big deal. It takes practically no time to pop into your nearest merchant, getting them to scan your code and paying them. They also have a great customer service that you can contact in case something goes wrong or payment was delayed. This means significantly quicker transactions as compared to conventional methods.


Cashtocode does not require additional fees or any charges. It is a perfectly safe and secure way to carry out transactions. This is also why Cashtocode casinos are a huge success with many people. Most find it easier to carry out payments via Cashtocode than go through the hassle of payments through other methods.


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