Selling products in windy or stormy conditions is a very exhausting experience. Unless you sell hot chocolate, your business will probably experience fewer sales in such conditions. Storms prevent people from visiting their local stores. Local stores experience large losses when they have to deal with such weather conditions.

According to a recent study, local stores make 30 to 40% less money on severely windy or stormy days. Why? Well, firstly their products are at risk of getting wind or water damage in such conditions. Secondly, shoppers don’t like stepping out of their vehicles to enter stores during storms. So, how can store owners bridge this gap and avoid such heavy losses?

Selling in a Storm?

How can store owners sell products in a storm? Firstly, they’ll need tools to protect their products and customers. Thankfully, these tools don’t necessarily have to cost much. Canopy tents are useful tools that store owners can use as temporary stores. Your shoppers don’t want to walk all the way inside your store because of poor weather conditions?

Why not bring your store to them? Set up a customized canopy tent in your store’s parking lot. Store a few products inside these tents. Then, directly sell your products from the tent. Here’s how these tents help storeowners easily and conveniently sell their products in poor weather conditions –

Give Maximum Protection to Products

When you use custom canopy tents as temporary stores, you don’t have to worry about product safety. You can easily bring your products outside your store and place them inside these tents. What if there’s heavy rainfall? High-quality canopy tents come with special anti-rain coatings. These coatings are designed to withstand heavy winds and rain. People use these tents as shelters in extreme weather conditions. So, store owners need not worry about their products’ safety inside these tents.

Affordable and Convenient Solution 

Can you afford to set up temporary stores outside or nearby your main store every time there’s a storm? Well, yes you can. Canopy tents are extremely affordable. A high-quality 10’ x 10’ tent won’t cost you much at all. Plus, these tents are ultra-durable. They can last for decades, even if store owners use them on a day-to-day basis.

Setting up and taking down canopy tents are also very easy processes. These tents feature light, flexible, and foldable aluminum frames. Aluminum is extremely corrosion-resistant. So, rain or humidity won’t corrode or weaken your canopy tent’s frames. Set up or take apart these tents wherever you want within less than three minutes!

Custom Printing to Attract Shoppers

One of the reasons why selling in stormy conditions is hard is poor visibility. Stores or service centers aren’t visible at all during heavy storms or showers. Since drivers or pedestrians can’t see the stores clearly, they avoid visiting them altogether. Canopy tents fix this issue as well. The leading sellers of large-sized canopy tents offer custom printing options. Buyers can custom-print bright colors, messages in large, bold fonts, and various other design elements on their canopy tents. Use your colorful and eye-catching tents to draw in shoppers – no matter what the weather conditions are outside!


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