People like yourself, you know are threading in consciousness and mindfulness into the business structure and into the environment and that’s one of the most amazing things that I have been witness to in my experience since I came out of the… spiritual closet and you know have been a very public figure Shaman Welcome to Conversations With People Smarter Than Me today. 

My guest is Alyson she’s a Shaman and I’m very, very happy to meet her so I can learn what is a Shaman The way I do it is…  I use a big buffalo drum or a rattle this isn’t my normal shamanicrattle for journeying. but I guide the meditation through having people connect to a constant rhythmic medicinal sound via a high vibration instrument. I will drum continuously and guide you on a meditative journey. 

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So I will take you to different places a lot of times I’ll take people down a tree and into a jungle to meet their spirit animals I started meditation ten years ago and you know, you feel so good when you stop thinking because me I overthink a lot it really helps me to change the way I behave and to be more comfortable with myself Yeah, and I’m sure you connect more with your breath as you’re in meditation too. 

That’s our prana and that’s our life force I brought these specifically because I thought it would be an easy example for people especially at work easy things that you can have at your desk that can raise the vibration and frequency without looking too whatever Love palo santo. so I’m going to light this just so you can get a smell of it but, it’s known as holy wood or sacred wood from the Amazon and it’s a main, go-to shamanic tool so I’ll just do a light wafting around your aura isn’t it lovely? 

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And I also love the idea of just a simple card deck so I’m going to tap in and connect really quickly so I can pull a card that’s meant for you and then this is your card oh how does this resonate with you? “For today, I find time to rest” Have you not been resting enough? No, you know, I’ve been in New York no time to rest in New York. This is a tuning fork and again, you know have this in your desk or whatever you hit it and then you just place. 

It Oh yes, I feel vibration On your body I’m gonna put a little on your third eye So this is my new favorite scent and it’s actually a root chakra  boosting scent for your root chakra so I’ll put some on here and it’s actually a very masculine smell so rub your wrists together Mmm, it smells good and like, activate both your wrists. Yeah and then once you activate it then take another whiff of it cause it will work now with your energy so now… isn’t that nice? 

Yes Anytime you can just take mindful breaks mindful moments where and you can connect like maybe, you know some of your coworkers and you know, pull cards for each other and you just take a moment to just breathe  and like, remember Yes, or just to be grateful Perspective, yes You were an athlete So how did you switch from being an athlete to a shaman? I know, right and then I also was a hip hop radio show host and so people are like wait a second you went from that to this but it really has been a wild trippy journey and there’s still times where  I’m like “Wow, this is my truth” I had an awakening moment via a relationship with my ex-fiance Oh yes?  

Yes and that is the defining moment in my life where everything changed I found the proof in his phone  of what had been going on through the entire sixteen years I, in that moment, was facing my greatest fears and so I started working with other shamans and healers, and psychotherapists and it was on that journey where my gifts started to come alive inside of me and I was like, ohhh Thank you so much You’re so welcome- I learned a lot Oh good, I’m so glad it was so wonderful talking to you and thank you for being so open-minded and bringing consciousness and mindfulness into Shapr and into your life too just as a fellow human being I honor that very much It was so great, thank you again.


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