You’ve been searching high and low for new ways to get a competitive edge in the hotel market, but have been unable to find anything of interest. But then you came across this Hoteling software that is going viral! Now, all you need is a little help on how to get it.

It’s not going to be easy–but if you can manage to become a beta tester, sign up for the exclusive mailing list, and keep your mouth shut about your discovery, everyone will think that you are #hotelking when in reality it’s just because you found the newest insider secret.

What is this so-called #hotelingsoftware, you ask?

It’s a specialized channel manager that can be synced with your existing channel manager so that you can have a seamless channel strategy whether the channel is online or offline. It uses a password-protected system that makes it difficult for other hoteliers to find out about it, and the best part is that you won’t find any competition because it isn’t being sold to other hoteliers. There are certain terms and conditions that apply to protect the integrity of the platform, but if you follow them this system will work out really well for you. And since it’s not being sold, it is significantly cheaper than the competition.

I know what you are thinking. You are imagining this system as an integrated channel management platform that will make your life much easier.

But wait! There’s more! It comes with a host of other software features that will definitely come in handy and improve your results so much so that you wouldn’t want to look any further for better channel management solutions. The fact is, there isn’t currently a better channel management solution anywhere – at least not one we can recommend – and we can vouch for this vendor because we have used their platform and found it to be really good. We want everyone out there to find out why we think this platform is a hot item and a must-have, and that is what we are going to tell you in this article.

Why You Should Use #hotelingsoftware:

You really need to take action and secure the rights to this software because it is going to be a massive boost to your hotel business. Consider this software as the missing link that you have been searching for, and once you have it there won’t be any more excuses left.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that are sure to reel you in.

1) Convenient tools that are geared towards helping you manage your hotel’s online reputation will come in handy. This includes a review management suite, social media monitoring tool, and an online reputation management tool. They will make it possible for you to manage your hotel’s online reputation in real-time.

2) You will get the ability to track all of your visitors’ behaviors seamlessly. It comes with an optimization tool that can do this for you, and I am telling you this because I know that other channel managers will be stealing this feature from you.

3) You will get structured data, reports, and statistics that will help you to prioritize what needs to be done the most so that the right actions can be taken while keeping in mind the revenue generation.

4) Your online reputation scoring system is going to produce high-quality data so that accurate results can be produced.

5) The social media scheduling and publishing tool is going to make it possible for you to post social media content based on keywords so that you are automatically reaching the right audience.

6) The review management suite will allow hoteliers to get feedback from their guests in real-time so that they are able to address any issues that are being reported. If you are someone who wants your hotel business to have a strong online presence, then the #hotelingsoftware is ideal for you. It currently has over 20 partner hotels that have tested it, and each of them has made remarkable gains since then.


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