Is checking notifications the very first thing you do in the morning? If yes, then welcome to the club! We all just can’t resist ourselves from checking our social media every ten minutes. The internet has become everyone’s go-to place now. Whether we want to get in touch with our lost friend or order the iconic Akira Capsule Jacket, nothing seems possible without the internet. Many challenges and outfits become famous on the internet that makes all of us go gaga over them. Let’s have a quick look.

The Current Popular Strawberry Midi Dress

Nowadays, a cute pink glittery strawberry dress breaks the internet from the famous designer brand ‘Lirika Matoshi.’ Despite being very expensive, this dress with puffy sleeves has become everyone’s closet want. People are making memes and tweeting about this dress, and many of them just can’t figure out the real hoax. As claimed by the designer, this dress is made of genuine polyamide tulle, environmentally friendly glue, and 100% P.V.C. glitter. The length is just below your knees, approx. 33 inches from the waist.

Many debates have broken out on social media until now, and people are talking about whether this dress is even worth the price it comes at. Many fashionistas are just avoiding all of these talks and have started to save up for this TikTok famous dress.

The famous model and makeup artist, Tess Holliday, also wore this favorite dress to this year’s Grammy Awards and looked the cutest in those glittery strawberries. It clears our minds that this dress could complement casual as well as formal events too! Interesting, isn’t it? Well, to get to know its specialty, you need to buy it!

Animated Movies’ Outfits That Broke The Internet

Who doesn’t love Disney Movies? All of us love them since childhood and have always desired to be in them. Well, not just the amazing characters, but critics loved the outfits of many movies too. The Princesses movies of Disney like Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Snow White, Aladdin, and many more, made all of the girls desiring a handsome princess in a gorgeous outfit on a horse, coming to save them.

The Prince and Princesses’ costumes always become a talk of the town just after the release. People started to wear them for costume parties. Even many celebrities were spotted wearing these costumes. Singer Zendaya wore a Cinderella gown to Met Gala 2019, Reese Witherspoon also wore a Princess Aurora’s inspired pink gown in the 2014 Met Gala, and Rihanna showed up in Belle’s yellow gown giving us inspirations all along.

The Monsters Inc.’s cute character Boo’s oversized pink outfit is the voice of our lazy selves. The shirt looks so comfortable yet adorable that it makes it desired by everyone. Her little ponytails complement the outfit so well. Famous characters from anime are also the outfit inspirations of many. The legendary Kaneda’s Capsule embedded jacket and Goku’s orange costume are popular among anime fans. No matter what the party’s theme is, you can easily style up these famous outfits according to the genre and rock them.

Celebrities Outfits That Made The Headlines

Many celebrities have been inspiring us since the start of fashion trends. Either they go for just a walk with their pet dogs or show up at a red carpet, they give us outfit goals everywhere. In the ’90s, nearly everybody was obsessed with the T.V. series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S..’ Rachel’s bouncy bob cut and gorgeous outfits made every woman go crazy. Jennifer Aniston aced the role and looked so well that her style was named ‘The Rachel.’ Her outfit stylings are still on-trend as people can’t get over them.

The Rockabilly stars, Elton John’s and Elvis Presley’s looks, also broke all the records of trends in the fashion world. The classic rock star looks with coats and jackets, funky shoes, glittery glasses, and a lot of studs on the shirt that always have hits. Many singers still copy their style.

Jennifer Lopez became the topic of conversations when she showed up in a bold green dress at Grammy Awards in 2000. The dress’s neckline came down to her waist and had a beautiful sea-inspired color. The dress became so popular that a copy of the dress is on display at a museum.

Lady Gaga at MTV Video Music Awards 2010, stole the spotlight with an unusual ‘beef outfit.’ Her dress was all meaty, making her look like a walking steak. The dress attracted many controversies as well. The animal’s right community got infuriated and called it a representation of violence. Nevertheless, the dress made it to Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

These outfits are not only perfect for formal award shows, but you can also wear them at casual costume parties. For ideal Celebrity Halloween costumes, the Suicide Squad star, Jared Leto, came to our rescue at Met Gala in 2019. He carried his head to the party in his hands and wore a red embellished Camp themed long dress. Just follow up with the trends and always stay prepared for any kind of event!


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