The parking assist or park assist is one of the innovations that has been most liked by drivers. In fact, this parking assistant has arrived like May water for many people, who have a real problem when it comes to parking. Thus, the latest models have already incorporated this system so that the work of parking is easier and more comfortable for you.

How to use the parking sensors?

It is true that to park it is necessary to take into account certain parameters, including affection for your car, kindness to others and the experience we have to carry out this maneuver. However, there are still many people who have difficulties, hence they see the parking assistant as a perfect solution.

In fact, the function of this element is none other than to facilitate the parking maneuver, since it does not provide automatic and autonomous parking, but it does help you with the aforementioned guidelines and parameters, and you must operate the pedals and gears as you go to park. What it does give you is greater precision control, since you get a peripheral view of the car, so there are more eyes to count on when parking.

Now, how do you get that view of the car? It is achieved with sensors that have an important part of the technological system, both in the front and in the rear, leaving the cars equipped with the proximity sensor system, which indicate that we are getting too close to an obstacle. Likewise, these sensors look for the ideal space and give us the necessary indications to be able to park, knowing the size of our car and that it would fit in a certain hole, something that for ourselves is difficult to calculate on some occasions.

In this way, when we press the park assist button, the car is in charge of examining the closest places we are driving through, with a maximum distance of 1.5 meters and a speed of about 30 km / h. In this way, when the parking assistant detects that there is a gap that is valid for us, it will notify us and we will have to place the car in the position indicated by the screen.

Then we only have to accelerate, brake, put the first gear or reverse gear and park the car. The system controls the direction and, thanks to the sensors, it will place the vehicle in the square found, both on battery and online.

Is the parking assist or park assist useful?

Finally, to the question of whether this parking system is useful, the answer is clear, since all help is little. At Auto for Trade we know that, although we are expert drivers, it never hurts to avoid unnecessary headaches, especially in small spaces where we do not have all the guarantees of being able to park in said space.

In short, the parking assistant has done nothing more than join the improvements of the cars and continue to contribute with driving aids.


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