Prezzo Marcatrice Laser is the newest laser in town. This article will take you through what you need to know about Prezzo Marcatrice, how it works, and what lasers are used for.

What is a laser?

When the sun’s light bounces off of a mirror, it reflects off in all directions. When these waves hit a certain target – like your skin – they bounce back and forth, creating the sensation of heat. Lasers work by using concentrated power to create a beam that can then go into matter without damaging it. They use this beam to do cutting or drilling tasks at precise parts of molecules without melting them. The laser can also use this beam to instantly remove unwanted hair from your body! All in all, they are used for many different things including making physical objects, such as holograms or CDs, more durable and allowing us to see infrared light which is beyond the reach of our eyesight

How do Prezzo Marcatrice Lasers work?

Prezzo Marcatrice works by producing a sustained and very coherent laser beam to heat up epidermal cells in the follicle region. The energy is directed and focussed exactly where the hair is to be removed (the follicle region) and will cause a small amount of thermal damage at the base of each hair, causing its removal. This is called selective thermolysis. The treatment does not affect any of the surrounding healthy tissue, so any side effects are minimal, which makes Prezzo Marcatrice one of the best hair removal treatment options for you.

What is Prezzo Marcatrice?

Prezzo Marcatrice is a hair removal laser method. It works not by damaging the hair but by damaging the cells in the follicle and causing their destruction. The laser targets and damages only the melanin-containing cells in the follicle and therefore, results in permanent hair reduction. This method is called selective thermolysis, and it’s most efficient when applied to dark or black colored hairs, although it can also treat white or gray hairs. Prezzo Marcatrice only targets color-containing cells so there will be no damage done to any surrounding tissue such as skin or nerve endings. This offers you high safety during treatment. Prezzo Marcatrice is also extremely effective, with many people expecting to see results after only one treatment.

How does the Prezzo Marcatrice laser work?

The Prezzo Marcatrice laser is a special kind of laser known as an Alexandrite laser. It works by sending precise beams of light through the skin and to the color-containing cells in your hair follicles. When this light enters the hair follicle, it heats up the melanin-containing cells in that hair follicle until they are destroyed. Over time, this causes a decrease in hair growth for permanent hair reduction. This method of hair reduction is very effective at treating black or dark colored hair colors.

How long is the recovery time?

There is no recovery time for Prezzo Marcatrice laser hair removal. The treatment is painless, and you may go back to your normal activities immediately after treatment. The only side effects found in most people are minor skin irritation at the site of treatment, redness, or itching. If this happens, use an antibacterial cream. Don’t use any creams after the first day when you will still be in recovery mode due to possible inflammation caused by treatment.


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