The internet revolution has made it easy for us to buy things at the click of a mouse. Just as we buy almost everything from food, clothes, household items and other things, we can also buy gemstones online. However, is buying gemstones online easy? No, it is not easy to buy gems online!  There are few things, which we have listed below to consider when you buy gemstones from an online store.

Identify the gemstone- gemstones can be natural, synthetic or imitation. Naturally, occurring gemstones have no human interference while those produced in the laboratory are synthetic. Synthetic gemstones ate treated in a manner to give it a flawless look and is best for those who want an extraordinarily perfect look. So identify the gemstone before you set to buy one.

Color- one important consideration when buying gemstones online is its color. The color should not be a mixture of different shades. For example, green is different from sea green or aquamarine. The hue, tone and saturation determines the color of the gemstones. The higher the tone and saturation, the pure and better will be the color. Make sure the picture of the gemstone shows the actual color. Sometimes the actual color may be different from the photographed color due to color settings, light variations monitor resolutions. A 3d view would be good enough to understand the real color, cut, clarity and inclusions.

Treatment applied- make sure the vendor who is selling gemstones online discloses the treatment given to the gemstone. Heat treatment is the most common. Gemstones treated with heat are generally 2-0-25% less expensive than the unheated ones. If you are buying a blue sapphire for astrological purpose, take only the unheated one. This is because the heat crumbles the qualities of a blue sapphire. In addition, it may bring bad luck and ill omen.

Origin- to some people, the origin of the gemstone matters.  For example, Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka are renowned for producing the most natural and authentic blue sapphires. 

Government certified- make sure the gemstone that you buy has undergone testing and is government certified.  An established gem lab will be able to give you a certificate stating that the gemstone is authentic. A gemstone certification by the government adds value to your gemstone.

Variety- when buying gemstones online, make sure that you have a variety to choose form. This way you can compare the prices and buy the gemstone of your choice and budget.

Check reviews- check reviews and feedbacks from people who have already purchased gemstones online from the particular gemstone dealer. This way you can make an assessment regarding the quality of the gemstone, payment terms, mode of payment etc. Also, make sure to check if the website is certified and free from any virus. It must provide security in a way that your credit card or information shall not be misused.

We hope the above tips will help you make a safe, rewarding and valuable purchase of online gemstone india.


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