There is a lot of buzz for online fantasy games like basketball, cricket, hockey. People are increasingly playing these games. Especially during lockdowns when people had ample free time, these fantasy games helped them in utilizing their time. These games are a lot of fun. Some fantasy games also allow users to earn when they reach higher levels. These games are a great way of passing free time and earning money as well. These apps are user friendly and easy to use. The games which allow users to earn money have favorable payment methods. Apart from cash prizes, there are many other rewards also. Fantasy points basketball and other fun activities are also available on these apps.

There are many benefits of playing online games that allow people to earn money-

  • Improve coordination skills: Playing games help in improving a lot of coordination skills since so many rules are to be adhered to and many players are to be dealt with at a time. All this helps in improving the coordination skills of the individual.
  • Increases problem-solving skills: There are many crossword games. These games involve cracking so many clues to reach the solution. All this process enhances problem-solving skills and sharpens their minds.
  • A large number of candidates: In online games, a large number of candidates from around the globe can come together and compete. This helps in competing better and with better candidates. It becomes more competitive and huge. 
  • Randomizing the questions and answers: In online quizzing, the questions and answers can be arranged randomly to avoid any chances of cheating or misconduct. This makes the process better and efficient. However, randomizing things in real and on paper becomes very hectic and messy. This makes it easy in this department.
  • Easy modifications: With changing trends, and changing needs the pattern of the game can be easily modified and upgraded. This helps in keeping the game up to date and in excellent quality.
  • Increase computer literacy: With games being conducted online, students will be forces to learn how it works. This can help in increasing awareness about using technology and making people more aware of online platforms.
  • Best use of free time: People are often confused as to how they should use their time. Especially during COVID lockdowns, people had a lot of free time at their disposal. What can be a better way to play games and earn at the same time. Thus, online earning games are a very good way of using free time effectively.
  • Financial independence: Many games help people in earning a lot of money. Many students who are dependent on pocket money can make use of these games and earn money and make them independent to some extent. Thus. These games help in building financial independence.
  • Make children active: The games which allow us to earn money pay money when players reach a very high level which is usually difficult. This sharpens their mind and makes them active. Their mind keeps racing. It enhances their mind games and allows them to be sharp-minded.
  • Builds association: Many online games are team player games. They require an association between people. This helps in building social skills and team spirit which is a very good quality in life ahead.
  • Exciting experience: Online games have a thrilling experience. They fill their users with an exciting and adventurous experience. There are games for different kinds of users who can have their desired experience. Users are completely satisfied with the kind of experiences they are getting.
  • Boosts competitiveness: Everyone tries to win in these games. People keep on trying until they win. This makes them competitive not just in the game but in other activities also. It’s a good quality to inculcate.

Apart from this, these games come with many disadvantages also-

  • Spam: Following the trend, many online games have emerged that promise to allow users to earn money. Some of these are fraud and they just take the money and don’t allow users to earn. Thus, applications and developers commit fraud and people lose their money in this regard. A lot of useful and sensitive information also lands in the wrong hands.
  • A set time frame: One should not get addicted to playing games all the time. Players should fix a time limit, beyond which they should not play. Excessive playing can make them addicted which needs to be avoided at all costs.

Some precaution tips to avoid fraud are:

  • Proper software for antivirus, etc should be kept installed in the software where games are to be downloaded to avoid any virus or malware that might creep in with game or with any wrong downloads in future also.
  • Before downloading the game and trusting it, appropriate scanning and information search should be done. Reviews must be check before trusting a game since many fraud games have also emerged in the market. So, a prior check is important.

Some games take long hours. Users keep on playing them for a very long time and waste their time. They sacrifice their daily tasks and devote time only to game while they should be focusing on other things also. An individual should not waste too much of their time on online fantasy games and should devote a set time for playing. It must be kept in mind that these games are not overplayed else they can cause serious health hazards. These games should not be taken as a sole earning way and it should be considered as a fun purpose only.

It can be concluded that these online games are a lot of fun. They are quite useful but overindulging in these games can prove to be hazardous. It must be kept in mind that a fair deal of time should be only devoted to playing so that it may not hamper productivity. It needs to be properly ensured that a trustworthy application is only downloaded else they will corrupt the device. Fantasy basketball for beginners is also available for those who are interested in playing basketball game. 


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