PUBG is an insanely popular Battle Royale game where you begin on a plane with 99 players and a gigantic map. The game is a total hassle from the time you land till the time you either win or lose. 

This game requires alertness, speed, proper strategy, and tactical knowledge. Once you land, you have no time to see the scenario; you have to gather as much loot as you can and rush to a randomly designated place. 

To play this furious game, you will need the help of some PUBG hacks along with your game strategies. Now let’s check out some tips and tricks for Battleground to make you win. 

Loot strategically 

You will need powerful weapons and gears to equip your character and make it win. To do this, you need to loot so that you can buy good weapons. However, don’t loot carelessly and go for areas you think will yield valuable items. 

Some of the spots that will give you valuable weapons are- government buildings, stores, warehouses, military bases, industrial structures, etc. 

Keep moving 

From the time you enter the game, you should never stop m/oving. Lean, run in circles, jiggle back and forth but never stay still if you don’t want to be an easy target. Standing still gives your enemy an easy shoot which you definitely don’t want. 

Don’t fight with enemies unnecessarily 

Although you can’t hide in one place and wait for all other players to die, you also can’t engage with enemies unnecessarily. Remember, cleverness is the key in such violent games. Choose your fights carefully and run away if the enemy seems more powerful. 

Also, refrain from firing unnecessarily. When you fire, the enemies already know your location so stop revealing that. Instead, you can just run away to save your life. 

Don’t hesitate to play in the blue 

The first few blue circles are not that dangerous. If you are at a safe distance, you can spend some time in the blue circle. You will get two benefits from this- first, you can collect as much loot as you can, and you can slip behind enemies to catch them off guard. 

Collect necessary gears fast

There are few equipment or gears extremely important to win PUBG. Assault Rifle is one of them which suits every situation in the game. It is quite a versatile gear. The second is a high-level helmet. You need a good helmet to protect your head from deadly headshots. 

Also, grab bulletproof vests and a healing kit to heal yourself when wounded. 

Use the training map

Many players, especially the new ones, find it difficult to handle weapons. PUBG weapons also have multiple recoils, so some time in the training map to get used to the weapons and their various recoil. 

Of Course, you can’t learn the recoil patterns of every gun, but at least getting familiar with them will benefit you a lot in the game. 

Use vehicles cautiously 

Vehicles are a great source to cover distance fast. But the drawback with vehicles is that they make a lot of noise. It will enable enemies to know your whereabouts, and they will come rushing for you. Hence, use vehicles when it is extremely important, and you are ready to face the attacks. 

Play in teams 

Playing in teams will increase your chances of winning. You can ask other players to team up and form a quad team. This will help you form better strategies, share resources, and merge your skills. 

Another beneficial thing is when any one of you gets killed; others can bring him back to life and continue the game. Therefore do jump into terrifying battles alone. Go together with formidable power and win the Battleground. 


These are some of the tips that will help you win PUBG Battlegrounds. These tips will definitely help you gun down your enemies and be the last standing person in the game. Make sure you follow and use them in the next PUBG game. 

Do you have any other queries? If yes, the comment section is waiting for you. To stay updated on more such posts, keep visiting this space. 


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