As a dog parent, you will agree with us that dogs hate all things med and vet, but get all excited at the sights of treats. But CBD dog treats blend these two opposing things and we now have a fine mix of health benefits and enjoyment. 

A lot of dog parents have bought into the idea of this CBD-based product. That you are here means you have some doubts. But who are we to blame you? It would be abnormal if you weren’t a little bit worried. After all, we are talking about your best friend here. 

But allow us to clear a good amount of that doubt by discussing some of the health benefits your pet stands to gain by taking CBD dog treats. But first, let us understand what CBD is exactly. 

Meaning of CBD 

CBD means cannabidiol, a compound gotten from cannabis plants. In recent times, cannabidiol came into the limelight as it was discovered to be quite helpful for some human conditions like depression and chronic pain. 

Not before long, manufacturers began making CBD products for pets since it is proven that the compound works the same way in all mammals due to the endocannabinoid system. You can click here: to learn more about that.

CBD Dog Treats 

Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp and used to make products like oil, treats, and creams. These products are referred to as CBD-based products. CBD dog treats do not contain THC the compound that gives cannabis plants their psychoactive properties. 

If you shop from a reliable manufacturer, you can rest assured that the product will not contain THC. However, you have to always check that the product you buy has 3rd party certification. This means the product was tested by a lab not affiliated with the company producing the product. 

This way, you don’t have to be afraid of using CBD-based products for your pets because they have been proven to be quite safe. 

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats 

The following are some wonderful benefits of CBD dog treats:

1. Painkiller 

As your pet ages, it will begin to develop pain in some parts of its body like the joints. More often than not, these pains may be chronic. If this is the case with your dog, you can use cannabidiol-based treats for it since this compound is said to be able to block the body’s pain receptors and ultimately cause the pains to stop. 

It doesn’t need to be old-age pains, this product can also be used for dogs with injuries that cause chronic pains. 


2. Reduces Anxiety 

Most dogs are quite prone to anxiety that loud noises and separation can trigger. Sometimes, it gets quite difficult to soothe your pet once it gets in this mood. You can read this to learn ways to help your pet with anxiety. While we adore our pets immensely, we have no way to communicate with them. But we have good news! CBD can help. 

A lot of dog parents who have used these CBD-based products for this problem have sworn that it works to reduce panic and anxiety in their pets. 

3. Anti-Inflammation 

Your pet does not only get Inflammation when it has arthritis. Inflammation can also affect the skin, joints, gastrointestinal tracts, and so on. If your pet is facing discomfort due to inflammation, regardless of what body part is affected, cannabidiol can help. 

4. Helps Reduce Epileptic Seizures 

A lot of dogs have epilepsy. If your dog is one of them, it must be quite difficult watching it go through the pain. But cannabidiol-based treats can help with that. 

It may not cure your dog’s epilepsy, but it will help reduce seizures. 

5. Boosts Immune System 

Taking preventive measures is always better than looking for curative methods. You will therefore agree with us that preventing sickness is the perfect method to treat it. 

When your pet’s immune system is at its peak, chances of it getting sick are considerably reduced. Cannabidiol can be used to suppress the immune system if it is overactive and can also support a weak system. This is because this compound works in the body to ensure overall balance. 

Therefore, you do not have to wait for your pet to get sick before you start giving it cannabidiol-based treats. This product is commonly used by dog parents as a form of supplement for their dog’s general wellbeing. 

6. Indigestion 

Most of the time, your pet may just be picky about what goes into its stomach, and at other times, it may just be having tummy problems that make it difficult to hold down anything. 

When the latter happens, your pet may begin to throw up and have digestion problems. In this case, you can use cannabidiol to aid digestion. It doesn’t just stop there, this compound can reduce how often your pet vomits, and ultimately increase its appetite. 

For your dog to enjoy all of the benefits discussed, you need to buy high-quality products. Visit holistapet if you want to find out more on how to get quality CBD dog treats. If you decide to shop from an unreliable source, then you may not get any of the benefits mentioned. Rather, you may be putting your pet in harm’s way as a product from an unreliable source may contain toxic properties. 


Having doubts about CBD dog treats is normal since you want the best for your pet. However, we believe this article has been able to clear whatever doubts you had and your pet can now enjoy all of these wonderful benefits.


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