Dogs are companions, friends, and family. They are far more than simply an animal. They protect us, care about us, and are always there when we need them. At Purina, their experts and staff understand the close ties that we have with our dogs, and that is why they strive every day to offer the best products for them.

Purina dog food is made with real meats and vegetables. Only the finest ingredients are used to make their full line of foods and treats. The staff at Purina are dog owners and lovers and understand the importance of feeding your dog the best. Whether the dog is a puppy, young and active, or need to lose weight, there is sure to be a formula of food that will meet their nutritional needs.

Take the Beneful line of foods from Purina. When opening a can of their food one can see the rich chunks of meats, carrots, and beans that are in it. Their dry variety of foods are as appealing and smells good too. Dogs love the foods and the treats that the Beneful line offers.

Purina also offers a wide variety of foods that every dog will love. One may not realize the many brands that Purina offers. Some have been around for many years and all come from a trusted name in pet care. Some of the Purina line of dog foods include Alpo, Waggin’ Train and dog chow, to name a few.

A new way to get your dog the best in nutrition, flavor and balance in their diet is Just Right. This food is specially formulated based on the unique needs of your dog. The individual can go to the purina site and answer a few questions about their dog’s activity level and age (as well as other factors) and the experts at Purina will develop a food that is perfect for your pooch and how to choose Slogans on Animals For Posters

Beneful also offers a number of varieties of foods that will meet the unique nutritional needs of every dog at every stage of their life cylce. Mix and match dry foods and wet food for a truly unique eating experience. Your dog will wonder why you do not eat as well as they do.

Purina also understands that dogs love meat. That is why lean meats are used in every product they make for dogs. Moist and meaty allows for a soft variety of food that smells and looks just like real meat and that your dog will gobble down and beg for more. Another favorite is Beggin’ Strips. They smell and look like bacon and dogs love them.

Our dogs are a part of our lives and our families. Sometimes the dog is the family we have at the time. A friend and someone we can count on no matter what, the bond between person and dog is one that will endure for a lifetime. It is for that reason why Purina makes a whole line of foods that will offer your dog the best meats, grains, and vegetables at every meal.Slogans on Animals For Posters


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