Is it viable to spy and listen to someone’s calls without his/her consent? Yes, it is possible to hear all the incoming and outgoing calls of someone’s android phone secretly and remotely.  

If you are worried about your staff or children, there are greater chances that you are curious to monitor their activities when they are away from you. You can easily watch their actions with the help of their cell phone. 

Almost all parents at some point check their kids’ phones to watch their call logs and figure out whom they talk to and what they discuss. The reality is, tracking their call logs won’t give you in-depth information. You can check the numbers who they talk to frequently but you can’t determine what they chat about. 

Similarly, employers want to listen to the conversations between their clients and employees for assessing their performance. You can secretly hear someone’s calls, but HOW?

Regardless of, you are a concerned parent or employer, the most effective way to spy and listen to your targeted person’s calls is via OgyMogy Call recording app. It permits you to record and hear all the incoming and outgoing calls hiddenly and remotely. 

With this cell phone spy software for android phones, you can listen to live calls effortlessly. The amazing thing is that it captures all sorts of calls and also save them on the control panel. So, if you are busy and don’t have time to hear the live calls, you can listen to them in your leisure time. You can stay informed about the actions of your closed ones and team members. 

Why Do You Need Call Recording Software?

The call recorder allows you to capture all audio calls that your targeted user make or receive on his device. With its help, you can get to know if your kids are involved in misconduct. You can grab specific information about all the numbers to whom they made or received a call. 

To take advantage of this application, you will have to deploy it on the target phone. After finishing the installation process, you can activate the call recording feature. Then, the tool will automatically record and upload the calls to your dashboard. 

Who Should Use the Call Recorder?

Undeveloped kids and immature teens can be misled and deceived easily. If their parents stop them from doing something, they intentionally do it. They love to spend their valuable time on their phones making or receiving calls. 

Therefore, guardians want to know what they do on their phones and whom they talk to on calls constantly. They may be engaged in wrongdoings such as sexual or drug abuse, mistreat others, or have a secret relationship with someone. If you will use the call recorder, you can record their calls to unveil the concealed truth in the shortest period.  

As an employer, would you permit your team to utilize the corporation’s systems for personal use? We can hear you saying “NO” because you pay them to assist you to develop your company and become successful. 

However, when you are not around, your staff uses the devices to make personal calls to their relatives or closed ones. To stop them from wasting time on unproductive acts and boost their performance, you should install the call recorder on the company’s smartphones and tablets. 

It permits you to track employees’ devices including incoming and outgoing live calls. You can get to know if they are conveying confidential information to your competitors and how they are behaving with your customers. 

Significant Functions of The Call Recorder

  • Record and listen to all the calls on the targeted phone in real-time
  • Listen to voice chats of the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Get to know about what children are discussing about all the time
  • Keep a check on the calls of your team members to know how they are behaving with your clients 


A call recording app is advanced software that gives you accurate information and supports you to keep a check on the deeds of your dear ones and personnel.


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