Having a single thought about if someone is spying on your phone gives Goosebumps. Of course, a mobile phone contains private data, and we use our phones for many purposes. Not only private data,  but the business data is also important. People often think that using a strong password can save their private data. But it’s not true. 

Being a smart person is not enough until you do not know the right way to detect if someone is spying on your mobile phone or not. The market is full of efficient and advanced hidden spying apps, which can capture the data confidentially. 

But the question is why people spy on other’s smartphones?

The reasons may be different behind the monitoring like a spouse can use to know about the whereabouts of the partner, a business competitor wants to get the business data, parents want to stalk their kids, etc. 

Let’s unlock the 5 ways to find out about the hidden spying apps running on your phone.

What are the typical signs to detect the spyware app on your phone?

1. Background noise during calls:

If you are using a stable connection and still hearing a background noise during your phone calls, then it’s alarming. Make sure that such noise does not happen around the other person. If not, then your phone calls are being taped. 

2. Check on the speed of your cell phone:

The smartphones are designed to run more than one app at the same time. But if you feel any drop in your smartphone running apps speed, then you can say your device is being monitored by someone. 

3. Drain your cell phone battery:

Having a smartphone means you can use multiple apps on your mobile phone at the same time. If you are not using your phone enough, but still you find a significant change in your battery life, then it’s a wake up call for you. 

It might be possible that your mobile phone battery needs to change, but after getting a new battery still shows you that same drain battery sign, then it’s sure that someone is spying on your phone. 

4. Follow the data usage details:

The very easy way to check on the spyware app on your mobile phone is if your data usage is high. Yes, it means this data is used for tracking your cell phone. It can track your location and send your location to the end-user. 

5. Take a long time to shut down your device:

When you want to shut off your smartphone, then your device stops all the running activities. But if your device takes time to shut off, then it is also a sign that there is a spyware app installed in your cell phone, which is still sending your activities report to the end-user. 

Solution to stop spying process:

  • The solution for iOS phones:

Both Android and iOS need different ways to spy on. The end-user can jailbreak your iOS device, and it needs the target device iCloud credentials. There is no concept of any snooping app installation because of its high security. The solution for iOS is to change the iCloud password and use a strong password because it will stop all the spying process immediately. 

  • The solution for android phones:

Anyone can hack the android devices, and it is possible only with a snooping app installation. Open the android setting, then go to the additional settings. Click on application management and find out every running installed app in your device. 

Now it’s your turn!

Using a non-intrusive spyware app to monitor someone’s phone is illegal. Many people do not know that they are being monitored, and someone can see every running activity on the device. We hope that the above 5 signs can help you to check on any installed spyware app on your smartphone. 

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Annie Ella is an SEO expert, writer and brand reputation manager at the mobile spy software, TheWiSpy. She would like to create traffic on the websites and get ranked them with her researched material and also love to write about mobile software, spying application, and mobile application development as well. 


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