If you are an independent software vendor (ISV) evaluating payment APIs, there are many things to consider. You may want to integrate multiple payment gateways with the program.

Integration with the right payment provider is very important because the integration takes some time to build.

Your customer’s bad experience will not be affected by the provider you choose; this may also threaten his relationship with you.

Cloud-based site control

Most merchant account providers provide middleware software for credit card terminals. This means that the device must directly interact with the computer and the company network.

The argument is problematic for two reasons. First, it slows down the transaction speed, resulting in longer waiting times when exiting. Second, and most importantly, middleware places the company directly in the PCI world.

Any business that stores, transmits or processes credit card data follows the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.” If you integrate with vendors that use middleware, you are more vulnerable to fraud and face expensive annual or quarterly audits to evaluate your software and customer data environment.

Symbolic arrival

Encoding is a fancy word used to safely replace data. Unlike encryption, which simply hides the data and decrypts it at every step of the transaction process, encryption exchanges the entire cardholder data. Only the final destination (payment processor) can know the meaning of the token. The token is randomly generated and has no mathematical connection with the cardholder’s data. The token can be XOIW-239D-1DLS-0HGS with credit card number 1234-5678-9012-3456.

Encoding is common in payment APIs, but you need to ensure that potential providers can implement it. This technology reduces cardholder data exposure, thereby reducing PCI access to you and your customers. Think of it this way: The better the software protects customers, the less risk of data leakage.

Public and public documents

As mentioned earlier, it may take a while to create a payment integration, but it doesn’t have to be too long. By cooperating with paid APIs that provide public and public documentation, you can shorten the setup time from months to weeks.

Integrating payment into your software can enhance its functionality. With the help of open source code, accessible sandboxes and sample code, you can provide your customers with a better experience and adopt new plans faster to get the job done quickly.You must need to check fintech software development company for more info.

Support in the U.S.

We think you are very busy and don’t want to spend time solving customer issues regarding payment integration. We recommend that you work with a merchant account provider who will help you and your customers in the United States. For example, PayJunction provides support in the United States to help independent software vendors build their own integrations, and individually participate in each customer created by the integration. This means that your customers are indeed our customers; we provide the same convenient support as merchants who use our technology exclusively.

Such a partnership can ease your troubles and ensure that the needs of customers are met. Also, since Pay Junction is a merchant account provider and payment gateway, your customers can delete one of their providers and merge their invoices. Simplifying protection procedures can make it easy for your customers to find effective productivity and report or solve the problems they face. All questions can be directly contacted by our award-winning support team.If you are interested in reading then you can also visit RT TEN.


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