An Eco- friendly Baby Shower is a celebration of life. Demonstrate this theme by decorating with potted plants and flowers. Natural greenery will add a nice feel to your shower venue. You can also give the opportunity for your guests to take potted plants home with them for a cheerful reminder of the special day. An eco-friendly shower can help to promote a green environment and will also help to organize a safe and healthy baby shower for the guests’ .People who have welcomed a new baby want to celebrate it with friends and family. This is why the trend of the baby shower has gained a lot of popularity in the world. Modern baby showers include all the entertaining stuff that you can expect at a party. New to be moms are getting more and more eco-conscious because they want to do their part to protect the environment and humanity. An environmentally friendly baby shower will be a delight for the guests, and they will be impressed with the choice of your eco-friendly baby shower concept. Most people fail to arrange an eco-friendly baby shower because they don’t have enough ideas to plan an eco-conscious baby shower. Even though they have a thought to go green, but they are short of ideas that can help them arrange a fun and exciting eco-friendly baby shower. In this guide, we will give you some brilliant ideas that can help you to arrange an eco-friendly baby shower for your friends and family.

Pick an accessible location.

You can choose to host your eco-friendly baby shower anywhere, but it is essential to choose a central place. The guests should arrive at the venue quickly, and less time travel should require the guests to reach the venue. This will help to save the harmful emissions that are emitted by vehicles. The guests will also be able to reach the venue on time, helping you start your baby shower on time. Choosing the location outdoors is a great idea. A garden area full of green plants and trees is the perfect spot to arrange your baby shower. Choosing an outdoor venue will help save energy costs and is suitable if you are going to arrange a party according to the green and eco-friendly theme.

Choose eco-friendly baby shower invitations.

Everyone loves receiving an invitation in the mail, but this formal gesture can also generate a lot of unnecessary waste. Choose an eco alternative such as plan table seed paper baby shower invitations or something on recycled paper. Most people send invitations in the mail, but that can be an unnecessary waste. An eco-alternative can be a baby shower invitation made of paper. An invitation letter sent in eco-friendly boxes will leave a good impression on the guests, and they will appreciate you for your intention of going eco-friendly. 

Ditch the gift wrap and instead use gift bags.

A gift wrap can help make the gift look beautiful and enhance the value of the gift, but it can cause unnecessary waste. You must use a custom eco-friendly packaging that can help you stick to your eco-friendly baby shower theme. You can request the guests to bring the gifts in reusable gift bags. This will help the mom make less effort to open the gift, and it will also be a great way to save the planet. The gift bags can be reused in the future, and they will not go to waste and harm the environment. 

Choose biodegradable décor elements.

Just because you plan for an eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to plan a boring baby shower. You can get creative and use leaves, branches, and other green elements and products for decorating the venue. You can also create decorative items from old cardboard boxes stored in your storeroom. It is also a brilliant idea to create upcycle crafts that are made using old storybooks. Biodegradable confetti is also a great material to decorate the table cover and make it look attractive. This can also help give the guests a chance to take some at home because it is plan table. Capable of being broken down decomposed rapidly by the action of microorganisms. Biodegradable substances include food scraps, cotton, wool, wood, human and animal waste, manufactured products based on natural materials such as paper, and vegetable-oil based soaps

Avoid anything disposable.

Plastic cutlery is easy to clean and can also be cost-effective, but it can harm the environment and be against the eco-friendly theme. The Styrofoam plates are also harmful to the planet, and they can cause a lot of waste. The disposable cups can also be harmful and can cause a lot of trash in the landfills. You should also use an eco-friendly detergent to wash the plates. There are many eco-friendly serving materials available in the market that also arrives in eco-friendly packaging wholesale. 

Serve organic and locally made food

Any food that has USDA organic label, whether it’s produce, dairy, or meat, must be grown and processed according to federal guidelines. Ensure that the food you serve at the baby shower is made locally and arrive in  custom eco-friendly packaging. The food that travels long distances can cause a lot of harmful emissions that can damage the environment. You must choose local and organic food to serve at the baby shower. The food made by local restaurants will also be less expensive and will cost you less money to arrange your baby shower.  Make sure to include vegetarian dishes in your baby shower menu. You can experiment with different vegetables to make delicious and tasty dishes for the guests. Going veggie will be a great idea and can match the eco-friendly theme. 


 A baby Shower is a way to celebrate a family child. Instead of a traditional shower, the gifts are often diapers, wipes, and a few outfits since many families who are expecting their second child already have a lot of the gear they’ll need.


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