Tax professionals do look for various features in tax software before granting it for preparing individual and business tax returns. The price of the tax software is a great concern along with the feature it provides. The major feature that every professional look for tax software is integration with client portals, sending out returns, invoices of e- signature and e-payment, ease of use, accuracy, import data, electronic file sharing,customer reviews, etc. 

The ease of use is looked at as the priority – how efficiently the data input is been done in worksheets. How reliable is the review of the tax forms? The availability of technical support at every step during filling up the form of tax return generally happens over phoneor email. The competency of the tax software resides in integrating the data entry from the system itself. 


Based on the following criteria there are some variable names in the list of tax software for professionals. Some are mentioned below


It is considered to be one of the best overall tax software for tax preparers. It comprises of a remarkable number of features in it along with its digital integration in comparison to other software. Lacerate is quite flexible in importing data from desktop and online versions of QuickBooks and practice management software as Office Tools.

Lacerate provides the following features-

  • It provides downloading and importing clients’ data for forms W-2 and ScheduleD.
  • It assists by pressing F1 for help.
  • It comprises of a search box for accessing the online knowledge base.
  • It is well integrated with office Tools practice management software.


Lacerate customer support is widely available on the telephone every day right from Monday to Friday. Weekends is also been provided for service during peak tax seasons. Telephonic assistance is similar to other tax software. However, it has an added touch of providing accessibility to the online knowledge base, community forum, and online videos.


The Lacerate straightforward user interface makes it easy for making a lot of information visible on one screen. However,it also provides the option of configuring multiple monitors. Lacerate provides shortcuts in keyboards, multiple ways of navigation through the software. The mode of error search is also easy. You got an error message where just a click can take you directly to the place of the data field comprising the problem. You do not need to spend hours in finding the area of error.

Most of the lacerate users do provide a satisfactory review of lacerate. The positive reviews on Lacerate are quite aclear statement about its integration of features in one while the negative reviews do a circle around the hike up cost and the steep learning curve. It has complexities involved in it which may make the learning curve steeper. However, it is a package for any professional would look for – a complete tax software package.

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