Hello, movie lovers, it’s Jan here! Trolls, the latest film from Dream Works Animation, takes us on a journey through the world of these all-hugging, all-singing, and all-dancing cute little shiny happy creatures as they try to avoid being captured by the extremely gloomy ogre-like Bergens, who can only experience happiness by gobbling up Trolls. 

The story is quite straightforward and follows an odd couple, the always cheery and optimistic Poppy and the downbeat and ever-anxious Branch, as they somewhat reluctantly set out together to save their fellow brightly coloured beings from ending up in the Bergens’ stomachs. With Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick voicing Poppy, Justin Timberlake playing Branch, and New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel as the Bergen scullery maid Bridget, the filmmakers would have been mad not to make the most of their cast’s singing talents. Also Read- Troll Names

So, you can expect plenty of musical scenes and song-and-dance numbers, the majority of which fit pretty nicely within the tale being told. The toys the movie’s based on were actually popular at various points from the 1960s through to the 90s, so fittingly the soundtrack is mostly filled with tunes from those eras, including some classic disco tracks and powerball ads, as well as some new pop songs. 

If you like many of the songs which the cast covers, then you’ll likely find yourself in a good mood and the right place to enjoy the movie overall. But it’s the animation where the film really shines. There’s an incredible tactile, textured qualityto the whole film, and particularly the Trolls themselves. Directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn and their animators have really outdone themselves capturing the felty, fuzziness of the Trolls and their world, which is essentially a crazy blast of colours and glitter. Also Read- Demon Names

And there’s an especially lovely sequence where Poppy wanders through the forest and comes across all sorts of weird beasts and plant life. Sure, the story and characters don’t have the complexity or the wide range of pop culture easter eggs we get from the likes of Pixar or the best of Disney or Dreamworks it self. And it’s clear where Jonathan Aibel and GlennBerger’s screenplay is going from the start. 

And, yes, the movie does put its message front and centre on several occasions. Still, though we’ve seen characters like these before and the story certainly borrows from the likes of The Hobbit, Cinderella, and Cyranode Bergerac, or if you prefer Roxanne, the movie is perfectly enjoyable, sweet, and decent fun that moves along at a good pace and knows to quit by the 90-minute mark while it’s still ahead. 

Make no mistake: Trolls is squarely aimed at younger kids, but there are some adult-tinged moments, and the quality of the animation,the music, and some of its humour means it does have potential for adult audiences too. And, of course, it’s entirely possible some grown-ups may identify with aspects of Branch’s less-than-rosy attitude to life, which, while it makes him an outlier among his joy-filled fellow Trolls, acts as a nice counter balance to the Trolls’ never-ending wildly enthusiastic nature, which some adults might find a little jarring otherwise. 

To sum up: Trolls creates a beautifully textured fuzzy world packed with colour and sparkle. The movie’s clear storyline and simple message,wrapped up in bright packaging, makes it ideal for younger kids. And while it’s unlikely to make your list of unforgettable films, it will likely keep you and definitely any young ones entertained while you’re watching. So, I’m giving Trolls 3 out of 5 Flicks. Now, are you looking forward to the movie Trolls, or if you’ve seen it, what did you think? And what are your favourite animations this year so far?


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